I’m paying for a child that isn’t mine, how can I stop it?

April 16, 2013

hi I am getting money taken from my benefit for a child that is not mine. I was willing and waiting to do the dna test then this childs mother phoned me and said I was just to wait on a letter coming from you. The next letter I get was one telling me that this is my child because I didn’t do the dna test. I was willing to do it but the woman told me to wait on the CSA getting in touch.

I am already a father, I am a lone father and if I was this childs dad I would be there. I no this woman has said to other guys they are the father and I have even met one man with this child. Could you get in touch with me and let me no how I go about getting this stopped?


William stewart


  • Emma says:

    When the CSA first contacted you did you inform them that you do not believe you are the father of the child? You need to write to them and explain that you do not believe you are the child’s father, and you are more than willing to do a DNA test to prove it. If you are not on the child’s birth certificate then they have to arrange for a DNA test to be carried out. If you are then they will assume you are the father and it will be up to you to arrange a DNA test yourself. The following link may be of some help.


  • Emma says:

    I don’t think the link I posted is working. If not, copy and paste it into your web browser and it should work.


  • chall says:


    Are you named on the child’s birth certificate?

  • Alice says:

    William, if you did not deny paternity at the start of the case you will need to apply for a declaration of non-parentage via your local magistrates court.

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