I’m paying £600 a month, should I ask for a re-assessment?

April 22, 2013

I pay CSA for 2 children, one i have contact with the other i haven’t seen for more than 10 years now. i pay a horrendous amount, and more goes to my eldest son who i do not see. when i was assessed my former wife was claiming benefits hence the amount i am paying. she has now re married, got yet another child. i pay a massive £633.33 per month, this is through direct deduction from earnings. should i now request a re-assessment?


  • wilf says:

    Lee:- You should be asked for 20% of your net income for child maintenance for two qualifying children.
    This should be divided between the two equally.
    It makes no difference to the child maintenance calculation if the PWC is in receipt of benefits or not.

  • Alice says:

    is your case old rules (CS1) or new Rules (CS2) ?
    if it is new rules then your assessment will be 20% of your income less any reduction for overnight care (minimum 52 nights per year) if applicable

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