I’m not the child’s father – is anyone sorry?

January 6, 2015

Wow where do I begin,

Basically ive just got the email from Cellmark regarding DNA results as i suspected more than ten years ago I am not the child’s father!

I’ve had to fight my ex to get the DNA test done as she had refused back in 2003 so after many years she finally has done the test but for some reason she decided it would be a good idea to call the CSA and tell them a bunch of lies claiming I new from the beginning that the child may not be mine this is a blatant lie and I now have proof via msgs via Facebook and WhatsApp from her and her parents!

On many occasions I asked the CSA for a DNA test but there responce was your names on the birth certificate you have accepted parental responsibility, that would be fine if I’d known the child wasn’t mine and id have been stupid enough to accept such a thing but ive been lied to, ive been ripped off!

I want this sorted, I feel I want vengeance for the lies, for the deception, for the time I’ve lost, for the memories that are shattered!

I’ve been treated badly ive been treated as guilty by gender and I need to feel someone is sorry!


  • CSA Warrior says:

    right! my starting point is simple none is slapping anybody. she needs an education.

    an obvious question is, is your name on the birth certificate.

    the not so obvious question is do you really want to spend time and energy on revenge. she is a shit she knows it and you know it. my ex is a shit but I am rebuilding my life.

    but if you want to get revenge fine. personally I leave karma to sort my shit.
    your ex has commited as far as i can tell 2 offences. 1 to put someone other than the childs father is fraud. that is a crimminal offence. 2) she has libeled you. this is a civil offence. the police will laugh you out of the station so you can bring a private prosecution (its free if you bring the claim yourself. you submit your evidence to the magistrates court.) and you can sue her for libel in the high court.

    so you can give her a hard time but in truth to do that you have to put yourself through a hard time as well. you won she is exposed name her here if you want or just let karma do its thing and get on with your life. you are right to be angry any reasonable person would be but shes a loser you proved the point b ecause she lost.

    if its just the money then you may have grounds to sue her for the money back. negligent misrepresentation. on a legal point you do not have parental responsibility as you are not the childs parent and it has not been granted by the court. dont know if this helps but that is what the law says

    good luck

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