I’m not going back to work until the CSA gets sorted

November 25, 2014

Ok well i guess my story starts off with me and my ex, we was together for about 8months on and off, i was on drugs and she cheated on me a few times but didnt find out till we compleatly finished.

She fell preg in the summer of 2009 and when she found out she finished with me so then she could get her own place, get free money and not work.. she didnt care about me aftter we finshed i was just left in a mess on drugs, few months later i met this girl and we started off as friends then after time we started dating.

I know this girl was the one for me, then in march 2010 my ex had her baby, i was there for her it was a bit weird for me and my girlfriend but it was more about being there for the new baby, things was going ok for a few weeks, i wasnt working at the time but i did give her what i had when i had it, she got with someone new and things started changing.

She found out that me and my girlfriend was going to have a baby, so then in February 2011 our son was born, last time i saw my ex was on 24th december 2010, went down with xmas gifts and all, it was ok, but then after she just turned nasty cause of our little boy, i told her if we could set up a arrangement but she said no!!… so then we had a fall out then out of spite she contacted the csa and i found out some nasty storys she told my friends and even my family.

I got told that i wasnt the farther and she cheated on me a few time with the same person, i was even told that she had a one night stand with my brother… i know!!! so as time went on, i went to solicitors, fighting for a DNA, and accesses but the court my application to the court got lost which caused more frustration cause of what i was told about me not being the farther, and when i did start a new job the csa never contacted me about payments but my job was only a temp, after my job finshed i went back onto JSA and they they contacted me saying wat i was doing and i told them i was on jsa so i stuck to the normal payment of £5 a week, been in and out of jobs since june 2013.

I got my first proper job, doing what i always wanted to do, which was my NVQ in catering, When i started i contacted the csa, willing lee gave them all my details that they wanted, i was on £8 a hour and working 30 hours a week. they told me ok it can take up to 2 -7 week to get sorted.. ok thats fine, now i contacted them in october, still nothing, contacted them in december, still nothing, begining of February still nothing, so then i started thinking something’s not right.

Middle of february i had a chat with my boss asking if they have been in contacted and i said they they would of sent a form and me and my boss would have to go over it, she told me that she already had the form and sent it back, i was not happy as its ageist the law to do that, she went behind my back, never had one letter or phone call of csa and then one day in work they slapped a deo on me??

Well from then things went from bad to worse, they told me that i was in £2,000 debt??? it was there fuck up and i got the blame, then i started having problems with my head chef as all i could do is stick to the 30 hours a week and in the end i got bullied and was forced to quit, only 2 day away from starting my NVQ.. i was more upset about my NVQ then my job tbh.

So i was jobless and had a debt hanging over my head, so now me and my wife, we have got 2 kids together plus she has another 2 so theres 4 kids, so all i had to my name was £300 which the csa was quite happy enought to take all of that didnt care that i lost my job and had 4 kids to support till i got back on to jsa.

Now the women who took over my case said they was sorry it took 8months to sort out a simple case and i argued with them that i wasnt paying for there fuck up, so all they said to me was heres £50 which went back to them, i gave my £300 all i had to the csa which then went to my ex and then i found out that with that money she got a new tattoo and pissed my hard working money on a night out…. even got the proof on facebook of her out in town drinking.. but there was nothing i could do.

CSA ALWAYS WIN DONT THEY!!! I dnt care about paying child maintenance i really dont but it should be a fair payment, yes take money from my wages but not from my wifes child tax.. its not fair how they work they payment out, im not even sure if i am 100% her dad but iv tryed going to go for a dna but i cant afford it.. the csa should burn for what they are doing to good hard working fathers, i have always payed for my child, and i will do but not by the csa rules, they are not the law they are the child support laws which means fuck all.

Worse thing i ever did was put my name on the birth certificate but its done now so i just wish they sort it out as fair so ppl dont have to strugle to just get by, if there is anyway we can stop them then im in as they have fucked me over and my wife is worried now that if i go back to work then we are going to get hit hard by them.

One more thing, i forgot to say, my ex.. after we broke up, she turned into a lesbian.. nice init.. not, she never has that kid, she cant work cause she goes to collage, her mum and dad are bringing her up, she goes out every weekend, so till something gets sorted i am not going back to work to pay for her lifestyle so while she goes out on the piss every weekend, me and my family had to suffer.. not on my watch, my family comes first.. anyone tell me if we can fight the CSA??


  • Mags says:

    There’s a website on facebook called, child support agency ripoffs, they will give u really good advice

  • rusty25uk says:

    sjill betterton how dare you? u know nothing wat we have been threw, yes i admit to the whole drugs thing but im clean, my ex isnt, she is the one bringing up a child wrong when theres nothing i can do, as for my other 2 kids i love them more than anything, i want people on here can i can talk to and help me, not people like you who criticize other people on, as for my wife she had health problems and iv always been there for her as she has always been here for me, please do not talk to me as i think u are one of theses people who sits behind a screen judging other people stories and i think u are a first class bitch who probably knows nothing.

  • angrymum33 says:

    ‘dont wanna sound rude’ JILL… READ the story PROPERLY. Too many trolls like you with your ‘opinions’, and rusty25uk, why should you justify yourself too the likes of JILL??! just goes to show another woman with a small mind and a big HEAD carrying all those opinions around in there!!! ”you can’t support the first child you created yet you went ahead and created more”, comment, well for starters, when your in a lifestyle that you WERE in as HE WAS in then you dont think straight, you know nothing of his past, he may regret what happened and not being careful with his ex in the ‘PAST’ what gives you the right to judge him on the way he used to be? oh hang on are you the type of person that has never smoked weed or done drugs the whole of your life?? have you never had unprotected sex the whole of your life?? have you never drank a alcoholic drink your whole life???! ! everyone makes mistakes your a bit of a cheeky bitch with your comment!! but thats MY OPINION. these pages dont need people like you judging. he came here like us all, for some advice not to be fucking judged!!! too many women on here with BIG GOBS AND LITTLE MINDS PUTTING FATHERS DOWN THAT TRY AND SUPPORT THEIR CHILDREN THEY JUST DONT WANT IT DONE UNFAIRLY !!!!!!!! BUT YOU HAVE GONE AHEAD AND DEFIED THE POINT OF THE PURPOSE OF HIS STORY BY INSTEAD OF HELIPNG HIM AND ADVISING HIM YOU HAVE JUST CRITICIZED HIM AND PUT HIM DOWN!! just another scorn woman….!!!! 🙂

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