I’m not allowed to see my 9-month-old son even though I supply everything

August 16, 2013

I’ve been told I’m not allowed to see my son at 9 months old, I supply all nappies wipes food clothes etc.. Now I’ve been Asked to buy a specific toy (push trike) I said no not yet wait until October for his birthday it went absolutely mental demanding cash then stating I’m a rubbish dad I don’t do or pay for anything. So I’m not seeing my son and I don’t help out I can’t pay for twice of everything for my house and hers, I’m only aloud to see him Friday to Sunday afternoon, am I doin wrong in any way


  • gonk says:

    cant see why you are posting here? no ref to csa claims. the mother of your 9 month old sounds like a complete c**t and id shove that trike right up her arse if I was you

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