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I’m moving abroad to avoid CSA

After working 4 weeks overseas 28/28 days rotation I return home to be the dutiful husband and father to my beautiful 11 yr old daughter and my adopted 4 yr old son. Just before my return home on Thursday was facetimed by my wife informing me she was dreading me coming home as she needs time to herself to see if she wants to spend the rest of her life together, this was supposed to bra trial separation.

I came home early on compassionate leave to be there but when I got home she ssidicoukd stay one night as she was going out to her friends to allow me to see the kids. Next day I said will move to a flat we own to give her time as some of her friends were telling me to give her room.

The following week she told me she wanted a divorce but still would come on holiday the next day. After a few days in Tenerife and after her constantly on her phone texting my daughter heard her on the phone at 1am to a male neighbour,confronted her telling her I suspect she was having an affair but she denied all I then told her technology was a brilliant thing as I said I cloned her phone because I suspected her infidelity. Again she denied all. Cut the holiday short and resumed the flat arrangement.

Next day went round to the house and discovered shed changed the locks, she went ballistic I held on to a key so called the police. They took my side and said she cannot change the locks in a co- owned home. Then the truth came out that she was in fact seeing the neighbour for the last 3 weeks. She had the cheek to say that I could move back in as she was moving across the road to be closer to the kids. Told her to stay put as I was seeking legal rights. Solicitors can get blind sided as all they wanted to do is the half all assets and be done with it.

She is entitled by law to half my pension I’ve had for 30 years, half a life time of savings, half all the ISAs half the cars etc while I have to pay £2000 p/ month child care, £2000 alimony p/month while moving in with the sh*t across the road.

I work overseas in Azerbaijan and have asked my company which is not UK based for a residential role this would keep CSA at bay. I don’t had this confirmed by the solicitor as it was not made clear I can do this last week as they just want to tie up loose ends. Azerbaijan do not have a reciprocal agreement with UK so I’m not liable but if I do this she’ll just say I can never see the kids again when I return within the 92 days a year I can.

As you can tell I’m flippin fizzing at all this and still she lands up smelling of roses so I want her to suffer and doing the residential thing gets back at her ……… Welcome any comments.

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  1. What about Alimony will the same living abroad rules apply because she’s cleaning me out here I have to salvage something’s because I can’t stomach the fact she’s moving in next door to resume a normal life when I’m left out in the cold. Appreciated all you comments

  2. In my experience women have more rights than men.The majority of them will use the kids as weapons to punish and control you. Ie it’s ok for you to have access when her and the new bloke go out, but not when she has nothing better to do etc. Even if you do stick around and pay she can still make access to the children a very difficult and stresseful situation, and it will be you paying for all the legal costs to take her back to court. Some of them poision the children to the poibt they don’t want to see you anyway. My advice to you sir is no matter what the woman does, and no matter how hard you try….you will be the bad guy. Get out of the country before the CSA seize your passport and driving license. CSA destroyed my entire business, career and life and i suffer a miserable existence.

  3. James it’s stories like yours are worth reading over to slap me in the face when I’m have a low day looking at pics of the kids while imagining her enjoying her I’ll gotten gains to my expense. Appreciate your comments thanks and although difficult at the monment my concience will have to come to terms with all the real life hard facts soon.

  4. Pension: what happens to the half of my pension my wife is entitled to does she get the cash or is it thrown into her own pension plan?

  5. Hi Steve Howarth, can you please update what happened to your CSA and maintaince to help us poor souls ,to plan our life in same miserable condition. Thanks in advance.

  6. Yeah Steve love to hear a update on what happend with yourself and the case. Hope you are well fella

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