I’m in financial difficulty due to the CSA

March 8, 2009

In december I had spoke to a bolton case worker about the fact that 40% of my wages (872.96)was to high and that I worked nights and that why they could’nt contact me by phone and that I had been paying csa for many years and never really had any problems.I sent her my wage slips for last 3 months as I had to be reassesed.She worked out that with 7 pound arrears added on that my 4 weekly payment should be 551 pounds.

So I said to her could she stop the 872.96 that was due out of my wages,because it would leave me broke and more to the fact it was christmas.So I paid the 551 over the phone and low and behold the 872.96 came out of my wages also,so not only did I have a crap christmas, last month(january) in there wisdom yet again 872.96 came out of my wages when it should of been 551 pounds.

I read somewhere that yr local mp can help,so I have spoke to him about it and he is writting a letter.I have spoke to the bolton office explaining that nearly 1100 pounds they owe me,and the fact that there quick enough to take it,and its nearly march and havent had a penny back.Next month my morgage wont get paid,but thats not there falult..IS IT!


  • deadbeatdad says:

    Asolutely no comment.

  • chall says:

    Marcus1965 – for your safety, please request that on site admin removes your personal deatails from your post.

  • DTB says:

    Firstly I find it unbelievable that ‘deadbeatdads’ have made that statement as it absolutely has made you look like a bunch of fools. How anyone is going to take that seriously is beyond me!

    Secondly this has just escalated way out of context now and both groups are doing nothing more than fighting their own personal war against each other. Would this commitment not be far more fruitful if it was directed at the CSA and Government?

    There is only one way that people stand any chance of making a difference and thats with a UNITED fight against the CSA and Government! Going it alone and at the same time fighting each other is quite simply receipe for disaster!!!

  • Chloe says:


    Firstly can we draw your attention to posts above. Originally we did approach DBDA with a view to working together, We even added a link from our site to theirs. We were threatened with legal action for putting a link up??????????? DBDA do not agree with us helping PWC, they think the only people effected are themselves…

    I find it crazy DBDA have accused us of working for the government publicly, can’t say much as this is now in the hands of our solicitors

  • chall says:

    It’s ironic the both ‘DWPCrrouption’ and ‘deadbeatdads’, constantly make serious defamatory allegations against individuals and/or the government – although they make their ‘videos’, in an attempt to get their points across, neither offer their evidence to back up their claims – It would make a refreshing change to have some proof!

    Both ‘beat their drums’ regarding laws and human rights, when its in their own favor. However, neither are concerned about breaching laws and rights, when accusing another party.

  • deadbeatdad says:

    No comment,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • deadbeatdad/dwpcorruption says:

    We at DWPCorruption and DBDA reserve the right to comment upon a fairercsaforall argument as we believe AFCSAFA do not have the intelectual background or the necessary argument to fit the criteria of receiving any help or advice from both DWPCorruption and Dead Beat Dads, we fully understand how frustrating it is for AFCSAFA havin ght enecessary qualities to fight the Government bodies. With regards to evidence to DWPCorruption and DBDA this can be challenged and fully endorsed at any persons wish.

  • DTB says:

    @ deadbeatdad, these childish ‘No comments’ seem nothing more than pieces of bait to get peoples backs up. Again looking through this thread I would be astonished that anyone would take you seriously! I also suspect those from the Government keeping an eye on the online groups will be sitting with a wry grin on their faces reading through it! There is more chance of getting the smoking ban lifted than getting anywhere with the CSA when behaviour like this is occurring!!!!!!!!!

  • deadbeatdad/dwpcorruption says:

    DTB ” you have the right to remain silent” ,,,,,,,,, ” no comment ” always goes down well.

  • Alison Karahan says:

    I have a problem that is not mentioned in any of the above comments.

  • chall says:

    The following link has been drawn to our attention …
    http://www.informationtribunal.gov.uk/DBFiles/Decision/i133/Hossak.pdf (dated 18.12.07)
    Interesting reading, considering the unfounded accusations that have been made by the parties concerned, especially the continued use of the word ‘vexatious’, and comments such as;

    ‘scattering his allegations of corruption broadly’,
    ‘aggressive, threatening and abusive’,
    ‘Appellant’s purpose was to argue and even harangue’,
    ‘deluded sense of the importance of the issues at stake.’,
    ‘he makes an unpleasant and personal attack on the conduct and integrity of the solicitor conducting the case..’

    Its goes on to say..
    ‘In our view, far from a campaigner for truth and justice on
    behalf of the public, as Mr ******* portrays himself, he is more correctly described
    as pursuing an unreasonable obsession.’

  • Marque says:

    Dear All
    I started to read this thread and initially found it quite interesting, until………………….
    I got round to reading who is better than who!!!!! I have looked at both sites recently ( due to my own misfortunes with the CSA ) deadbeatdads and a fairercsaforall, both have some interesting points to make, one site very up front and seemingly forcefull, the other not quite so in their approach, as to who is right and who is wrong, which is ‘better than the other’, the wheres and whyfores are of no interest to me.
    Yes I believe that folk are quite capable of making their own minds up as to who they which to be associated with, wether there be a cost involved or not, I have personally spoken to dead beats, didn’t really take the advice offered but thanks anyway, I have also left comments on the AFCSAFA site, no reply as yet, such is life.
    The bottom line surely should be, WE ARE ALL AWARE OF THE PROBLEMS FACED BY NRP’s AND PWC’s so lets get it sorted!!!
    My own reason for being on here today, well I went to Court today, for the 2nd time over the dubious Liabilty Order, my summons was for one figure yet the CSA found Court favour even though they gave a totally new figure differing from the Court paperwork, my question is, has anyone else had this happe?
    I also have another Court date for a different Court ( same case ) with guess what……………………….yep different figures again.
    So any suggestions??
    I have already sent a letter to my MP asking for a meeting, he did quite well last time he was involved.
    My case first started in 2001, just in case anybody wanted to know, apart from the Court issue I also have yet another Tribunal to attend in June as I have been accused of living beyond my income, makes a change from fraud which was the last tribunal attended.
    the rest of the case has been the usual assessment after assessment blah blah blah.
    Hope some one reads this and I also hope that thewarring factions either simply agree to disagree or just get on with the topic that inspired both to set up their websites in the first place.
    p.s no I do not belong to DBD or AFCSAFA, and have also been a PWC and am now a NRP.

  • chall says:

    Hi marque,

    I have searched our email and our forum, and I am unable to find any questions pertaining to a case, as described above, which have received no response – so I’m not too sure what has happened there… But offer my apologises anyway.

    Having read your post, I am sure you can appreciate, that in order to offer advice on your case, we will require more detailed information from you.

    You are more than welcome to either email via the contact us facility at http://afairercsaforall.co.uk/ OR join us in the forum.

  • Marque says:

    Nice to hear from you chall, but, as your website wont let me in, I cant contact you, so much for that way forward, tried the forgotten password bit, my name and email addy are registered but not to me it would seem.
    Not to worry, i will keep on battling with the jolly CSA on me own.
    thanks anyway.

  • Marque says:

    Cancel the last msg, I got in.
    Will catch up with you soon.

  • jeff says:

    Very sad folks.Maybe if you answered people posts for genuine help with as much vigour as you do slagging each other off then we would all be enlightened to the way forward…………………….
    We live in a country that thrives on divide and rule

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