I’m happy to pay CSA when I can see my son

May 23, 2013

I have a 5 year old son who I haven’t seen in nearly two years and not by choice and my ex is constantly harrassing me for money off of me. I aint bothered about paying for my son because I love him but the csa are trying to take a lot of money out of my account and basically leaving me without anything to survive on.

Can I stop the csa until I start seeing my son again?


  • Alice says:

    paying child maintenance does not depend on whether or not you have contact with your child and vice versa … as some others have been known to state on this site children should not be provided for on a pay per view basis, mostly this comment is aimed at PWCs but it works both ways, your child needs to be provided for daily.

    Access is not an issue the CSA can help with – this is a matter for the family courts who are trained to deal with such matters

    good luck in obtaining a contact order

  • Macon says:


    You have a whores Heart !!!!

  • Mike Hunt says:

    Alice.. Yes children need to be provided for BY BOTH PARENTS.. The CSA don’t give a f**k that your child needs both a mother and a father.. all they care about is getting the money in.. And don’t spout child poverty bullsh*t as the CSA don’t care about the child poverty it causes in second families does it?? Tell me different and don’t tell me about responsibilities…

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