I’m going legal – any information would be appreciated

May 30, 2013

Going Legal.

I’ve reached the limit & am going to go legal with the CSA my case is described on the forum elsewhere.

I would appreciate any information on:-

CSA knowledgeable solicitors. Anything useful legal wise.

I have already contacted my MP, have written to the independent case examiner & this has been going on for 4 years.


  • Sally says:

    Have a look at NACSA website… You will find useful advice there… 🙂 please keep us posted!!

  • topper says:

    You can try NACSA as has been mentioned, or try googling Durham Legal Services, or, google Bob Pape csa, it should show up as CSS (Child Support Solutions) I have no idea as to what your case is about.

  • stuart says:

    Durham legal Services deal with CSA and have had some results

  • Noel says:

    If you have exhausted the CSA appeals and independant review and chances are you have (or havnt, see note) then go to the Small Claims Court, add for stress, day of work to attend court, travel to court etc.

    Note: the appeals dont seem to have a dead line, thats the problem, they seem to drag on and on in a hope that people will disappear, the independant review is then another joke,

    Either way if youve given them what you proceive to be ample time to sort out their mistakes go online and complete the small claims online. Im in the process of doing this and awating a date, however the CSA are close to untouchable, it must be a very unpleasant place to work given the fact that crouption flows freely.

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