I’m glad the CSA exists to get money off my ex!

February 23, 2018

My daughters Carver Hasn’t paid a penny for 5years he earns £500 if Boy more a week and wouldnt eventi give me £20 a week and thats all ive ever asked for and he wouldnt do that but he will take. His 2 stepkids abroad 3 Times a year go on luxury hotels and days out eat and drink out in expensive restaurants and go out every weekend but wont give £20 a week for his daughter. So im glad the csa exists and get the money of sperm donors like my ex cause 5yrs ive done it on my own well no more its both parents job dont want to pay for a child than cover it up.


  • David Joseph says:

    Hi Miranda

    You are very quick to castigate your ex-partner without relaying the facts on both sides.

    Was there a reason why he was not paying? Did/do you give him access to his child or have you been withholding contact? It is so easy to be self righteous so I hope that is not the case with you here.

    If what you said is true and you have done all you can to foster a relationship between the child and their father, no one can fault you for going to the CMS as every father and mother have a responsibility for their children both emotionally and financially.

    We put all the emphasis on money but there is empirical evidence that a child who grows up without a father (or mother) is hampered in many ways, including emotional development and in terms of relationships with others. Children NEED both parents equally.

    More fathers (and mothers who are non resident parents) pay than people realise but the CSA/CMS target them for more money. The ones who do not pay for no good reason are not targeted. Why is this? Because the CSA/CMS knows they won’t pay so they harass those who have paid faithfully for more money. They make up arrears figure and hit non resident parents with a huge bill which comes out of nowhere. The CSA/CMS have no morals and do not care about you or your children.

    There is no correlation between the payment of child support and access to a child I know, but it would help if that was the case. As things stand thousand fathers (for the most part) have to go through a crooked court system to get access to their children. Even with a court order many mother refuse access and the court does nothing about it. So the system is the subject of much abuse. This causes much hurt and consternation to fathers (and in both the short term and the long, it will affect children adversely).

    Mothers should never demonise the children’s father before them. It is this type of behaviour that has spurned the broken society we have today. People need to open their eyes to what is going on. We are all affected by it.

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