I’m getting strange calls from the CSA, what can I do?

March 17, 2013

Gota call from 08007838527 on the 11th March – they hung up immediately when i answered (A few months ago they did answer and said they were the CSA, they then tried to get me to “update” my records over the phone – i refused and said i wanted paperwork – that was a few months ago )

A while after that i got a call off this number 01612094880…a woman on the other end calling herself Jay asked who i was and then mumbled something about being from a financial services company – i said i was not interested-she was extremely pushy and had to repeat myself about 4 times before she finally said no problem and hung up..
Today (12th March ) i tried calling this number back…it rings once….is answered and immediately disconnects

Got 3 calls from the number 08007838527 on the 12th March, approximately about an hour apart and every time that i answered the call they immediately hung up…

There used to be an email that that you could contact the CSA on to update them on your situation.Would anyone know what that is please??
Thank You


  • lisa says:

    Right the 01612094880 is a compnay called fresh start finance, The second number 08007838527 is definitly DWP/CSA, When they next call ask them exactly why they are calling you because sometimes this number is used for processing claims of JSA as well as CSA,

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