I’m getting so much conflicting information from the CSA

April 19, 2013

Back in 2009 I found £309 deducted from my pay by the CSA – a DEO had been enforced after they had sent the forms to my address whilst I was working abroad – despite having my mobile no. they didn’t contact me – just enforced a DEO. Upon my return I spoke to a very helpful member of staff who informed me that a DEO was just the same a a Direct Debit, and I may just as well leave matters as they were.

In Feb of this year the CSA took an extra £300 via the DEO for no apparent reason – I have never been in arrears. I rang them that day and was told it was a mistake, and that it would be repaid into my next pay. That never happened. I rang them again and was told that there is no facility to repay in this fashion, and that I would be sent a cheque. I then received a call from them asking for my bank details in order that a Direct Debit could be set up and the DEO ceased…I duly gave them. A couple of days after this I received a letter confirming that the overpayment would be repaid by cheque. This never arrived.I sent an email complaint – and never received an acknowledgement, this complaint has been completely ignored. I rang them again today, and was informed that they do not refund overpayments by cheque, and that the bank details they had were incorrect, and that they couldn’t ring me as they didn’t have my phone number (despite having phoned me previously). I am staggered by the incompetence, rudeness, lies and deceit I have been shown by these people. Is this common?