I’m furious at how long it’s taken and I still don’t have the right money

December 28, 2013

I have a 2yearold child born 21st September 2009 and started my csa claim on the 3rd of sep which started properly on the 13th of that month and havent had a single penny until 1st of march 2012 which wasn’t even the full amount!

I’m absaloutly furious at how long it’s taken and now im not even getting the correct money!!!!! I always ring them and ask to push things along and it’s like they’ve fobbed me off as much as possible! What do I do now?


  • Annie says:

    Give the CSA a break the staff there have a humongous amount of work without you always ringing looking for progress.
    Staff there can only take what information can be proved and not what one party wants them to take into consideration!!
    I have worked there 12 years and it’s people like u that give underpaid, overworked staff that try and keep people like you happy – however looks like unless some people are getting 100% of what the other party earns they will never be happy!!!!

  • Bill says:

    Close your case with the CSA and make your own arrangements.
    I’m sure it will be quicker and more efficient.

  • terry norris says:

    I understand the rules are changing again 2014 and all claims closed and claiments being told to make private arrangements where at all possible.someone like to correct me on this and/or give more details ?

  • V. Clements says:

    Unfortunately, the only way to get through to this incompetent agency is to complain, complain, complain. This must be done officially in writing to the complaints department or to your local MP. The team that deal with the complaints is usually very good and the enforcements team seem to be on the ball. The rest of the agency is a joke, telling you one thing but doing absolutely nothing. I’ve had to deal with the CSA for 11 years now and they are the worst agency to deal with. I dread contacting them, they never phone back when they say and they are not on the side of the children that should be receiving the money they are owed.
    It’s a real shame some parents don’t want to support their children financially they are happy to leave it to the resident parent, I really will never understand that

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