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I’m flabbergasted at what we have to pay

Csa Are a nightmare. My husband has two children from previous relationship and the come to see him, he was seeing them regular,chis ex stopped contact, he went to and is still seeing a solicitor for help to get access, his ex them decided to go to csa and I’m flabbergasted at what we have to pay and cannot get my head round it.

I don’t work and receive carers allowance as my daughter is in receipt of disability living allowance and I get child tax credit and child benefit for my two children who reside with me. My husband only works 16hours a week and gets paid 4 weekly, his wages totally to £400 per month so due to low wage it gets topped up with £51 per week working tax credit. We are having to pay £200 a week. We were horrified and went to local pm who could do nothing, why you ask.. The csa take MY kids child tax credit into consideration, my husbands wages and the working tax credit. I can’t get my head round it at all. I get money given to me for my children that the law says they need to survive, and we get working tax credit to top the ages that the law says we need to survive, yet as come and swipe this from us. I have two other children though one is an adult who don’t reside with me that I help financially as well. I don’t know where to go from here

Every week my husband collects them and rakes them home which tots up 80 miles in fuel costs every week plus we provide for them here, and I treat them the same as my children with the amount I spend on Xmas birthdays etc. we are struggling financially and I do to know what to do. Any advice would be gratefully received.

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  1. My husband got told he will only get money reduced that he pays when kids are staying 52 nights or more. Just now he has them for a day one week then one night the following, vice versa. He is going to court to get a court order and aiming for getting them every fortnight for two nights,one week in Easter. Two weeks summer one week October. But the fact that they take my kids child tax credit to give to another is what irks me. Half my husbands part time wages get taken, then we spend a fortune on fuel, days out, Xmas,birthday etc all on top of that. We struggle thanks to his ex my kids don’t get as much. It disgusts me, fair enough if my husband didn’t care n didn’t see them then yes he should, but he does care and they get plenty. Its 20% of his wages and my child tax credit n working tax. He earns 106 a wk. If we were unemployed we would get not much less than that a fortnight get more council tax rebate n housing benefit. N only pay £10 per fortnight csa. How do they work it out, its awful.

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