I’m entering a 4th year of hell with the Child Maintenance Service

September 23, 2019

So, back in 2015 I contacted the child maintenance service for the first time. All seemed well and good. They got things moving pretty quickly, payments weren’t accurate, but I half expected this as my ex husband was being very awkward and worked offshore as a self employed contractor. However, he pulled a good wage through his bank and it was all there in black & white so I didn’t feel too worried things would be inaccurate for long. Boy was I wrong! My ex husband started diverting his income, claiming he was earning £8000 per annum! He was earning this for 3 weeks work! I was straight on it, made the CMS aware of what was going on and they agreed to help me look into things. Put in me in touch with one of the HMRC investigators. Perfect! My £39 per week payments for 2 children should increase soon. Fantastic. Obviously this did not happen.

With a £650 per month mortgage to pay (with no income as I had a always been at stay at home mum, my ex husbands job didn’t allow for this really)


  • Bash says:

    Funny that. Not interested in providing for your kids you just want as much as you can get. Child support is towards your children, not to pay your mortgage. Get a job that covers your mortgage costs and use the csa for your children or just buy a smaller house! Sick of people like you expecting a man to pay 2 mortgages so you can put your feet up! Vile!!!

  • nana says:

    Greedy woman! Your aim is just to destroy a man just because he had kids with you. Shame on you Jezebel

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