I’m constantly coming up against new barriers

September 25, 2013

3 months ago I received a letter from the CSA telling me that the 2 cases I have with them are now closed due to the children having left full time education.

I was also contacted by a member of staff on my mobile stating that he was reviewing the case and found that I had overpaid and was due a refund, this still hasn’t been paid back to me even after all this time.

I had been paying the money owed to the CSA via a deduction of earnings order which I have done so from the very start. However money is still being taken out of wages even though the case is closed. I have phoned the CSA on several occasions and they tell me that once the finance department receive the money they will pay it back into my bank account.

I have received 1 amount back and that is it. This is going on far to long as is the case every time I have had a change of circumstance, once having to fight over a year for my payments to be corrected when I was made redundant. I was even told on the phone the other week by a member of staff from the CSA that it would be different if I owed them money rather than the other way round.

When ever I try to get this sorted once and for all I’m constantly put up against different barriers.


  • Lisa says:

    Take the letters to your wages dept and show them the case is now closed they should take off the deo only takes a phone call to clarify this by your employer

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