I’m being taken to court over arrears I am paying

July 5, 2015

My ex husband and I divorced he had the two boys and I had the two girls we both agreed as we had two each we would pay for just the two living with us. In May 2011 my husband who was left with the £350,000 marital home and who is a retired policeman on a pension of £2000 a month put a claim in to the Csa. My eldest daughter is now 19 and working I just have the younger one to support and two young children from my new marriage. Even though he put the claim in in May 2011 Csa did not contact me until November 2011 6 months later.

Arrears have now built up for those six months and I am expected to pay for something I new nothing about. I work ten hours a week and get £62.80 but the Csa insist I have to pay £32.00 a week so now take it from a deductions of earnings order. I am being taken to court for the arrears even though I have offered to pay £5 extra a week, but they say this is not acceptable. Recently I received a letter saying my payments would be going down to £18 a week due to them having the wrong calculations but this has not yet happened and they are still taking the full amount from my wages. I rang to ask why this was and was told the extra was being taken to pay my arrear. So why am I being taken to court for arrears that are not being paid when obviously they are. This system needs to be resorted by the government as the wrong people are being targeted and its not fair.


2 Responses to “I’m being taken to court over arrears I am paying”

  1. Karen Todd on July 5th, 2015 12:48 pm

    The calculations are based also from any child tax credit u may receive . If your boys are under 20 I would put a claim in for CsA against your ex .

  2. Laura Hudson on July 5th, 2015 4:47 pm

    Counterclaim for the 1 child you have living with you if still in receipt of CHB.

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