I’m being done wrong

October 9, 2014

I have a soon to be sixteen year old girl i havent seen in a year and a half,my son just recently turned 18 in january and came to live with me and his step dad.my childduppport was dropped for two years due to me and my ex signing a agreement that if i let him claim our daughter he would drop child support ok so i agree’d then back in january the courts let him pick up two years of back child support on me which was like 7500 dollars plus from january till may when my 18 year old son graduated high school the courts and childsupport office still had me paying on two kids when the 18 year old moved in with me and his step dad back in january so now i owe like 9200 in back childsupport

I am sick and on all kinds of meds waiting on my disability to be approved and cant afford childsupport,just recently went to jail 90 days to serve or 1000 dollar bond so my mom borrowed money to get me out im being done wrong what can i do