I’m being charged £10 a day by my bank because of the CSA’s failings

April 21, 2013

On the 22nd February 2013, my x-wife cancelled her claim via csa and we made an arragement privately, CSA failed to notify my employer who then made a payment in march after several phone calls i eventually spoke to a female called allison from the Falkirk dept on 25 March 13, she assured me she would have it sorted and get the money refunded direct into my bank account on the Tuesday 26 Mar, but has previous calls this was found to be a Lie has alison was on holiday, and the gentleman i spoke to would make sure alison got it sorted on her return on Wed 27 Mar 13, so again I phoned and 3 or 4 phone calls later eventually spoke to a supervisor who said she would get it sorted and put directly into my account on Thurs 28 Mar 13 so I told her i would call back her response was NO she will phone me when it was done.

On the Thurs nothing was in my account which by now was empty and DDs where being returned which means charges. I called again at around lunch time and again nothing had been done this went on all afternoon promises and broken promises. I explained that tomorrow was good friday and I had no money bills to pay and now getting charges. On tuesday 2 April I called again and I was told that it had been passed to the payments dept and it should be in my account by lunch time, again nothing so I phoned and spoke to a gentleman who went through it all again and told me he would go and talk to the payment dept and get it put in has an urgent payment but still nothing.

Wednesday 3 Apr I had 3 more phone calls and nothing I told them i was now desperate has i am getting bank charges, i have no money and a mortgage to pay but again promises where made to have it in my account by Thurs morning at the latest. Thursday 4 Apr 13 called at 9.15 to be told it was issued and should be in my account but they would investigate and get someone to phone me, at 9.45 i actually received a call from them asking to check my account details and they say they have a digit wrong and would see how long it will take to get it re-issued i explained i need it now.I called again at 13.45 and was told it would be in my account today guarenteed by 16.00 at 16.45 i had to phone back because still it wasnt in my account and was then told I should not of been told it was guarentied because its down for payment has today or tomorrow i explained that this is unacceptable because I am now being charged £10 per day and it was down to failings on there part NOT mine she was uninterested and just kept saying ill put it in your notes that you called


  • brett says:

    Yet again the CSA treating a decent NRP with no dignity or respect.
    Mark, in the CSA’s eyes your a NRP and the lowest of the low.

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