I’m about to lose my house – why won’t the CSA get back to me?

June 3, 2013

The c.s.a wrote to me in october asking for 130 monthfor my daughters. Then in november i got a letter saying i owed 760 pounds.In december they started taking 282 out of my wages,which after paying my rent council tax and food leaves me 136 pounds in minus each month.

Even if they did take the 130 instead of the 282 that would leave me with 39.54 to live on for the whole month….I am waiting for them to reply but have still not had an answer in three and a half weeks..I WILL lose my house if this continues as the council say i have to pay rent and council tax,,please help.


  • stuart says:

    Alterative is pack up work and let the Government who made this not fit for purpose shambles pay for you to live. So cost effective the CSA, Can not believe the mugs allow it to continue it costs the economy Billions.

  • Alice says:

    have you checked that the maintenance calculation is based on your current income? If it is not you need to contact the agency and ask for a re-assessment. Also call them and ask to renegotiate the amount you are paying per month towards the arrears.

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