I’m about to leave my job because the CSA have told me I owe £1,000

May 3, 2013


My name is Mark i have 2 daughters, i split for me ex in February 2010. I was never assesed but was told to pay a certain amount each month because of the information that my ex gave them.I have just had a new bill off the CSA saying that because my daughters do not stay enough and they have back dated it to give me arrears of over £1000 which i cannot afford.

My daughters do stay and because i have no evidence of when they stay except for dates they take the word of my ex, she tells them they dont, but to be honest she stops them staying to keep it under the 52 days reqiured for me to get a reduction, even though i feed them 3 times a week and have always clothed them as she would allow them to walk around with holes in their shoes.

my problem is they have sent a order to take the new payments out of my wages which i cannot physically afford as my own out goings means i do not earn enough. i have sent them a letter offering to pay £400 per month which is more than my normal payments but they have refused as it is not enough,i have spoken to them this morning and told them all this information but get nothing from them except it is the law, i have no alternative but to hand my notice in at work which is a good job as i dont think i have anywhere else to go, they also told me to borrow the money to pay the arrears but because of the debt my ex put me in during the marriage i cannot get credit.I feel they would sooner see me out of work so the girls will suffer as i would not be able to pay anything towards them, dont know if you could point me any other direction for help?


Mark Brown


  • Lisa says:

    Make a complaint about the wrong doings of the agency, the staff are underhanded and commit fraud, bet the arrears they have claimed you dont even owe, ask for your data file, costs a tenner and fight them to the death, they deserve to be taught a lesson, join our group, we can help you
    https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/204256966364149/ good luck

  • stuart says:

    Get the name of the person who told you to get a loan and ask for a copy of this call, It is illegal for CSA staff to give out financial advice. write a complaint and use your MP to get these twats back in their box, They know what they do is not right but still keep on doing it. Complain Complain Complain they know they are acting illegally and to many NRP’s just accept the CSA advice, they lie and lie again what they do is wrong so do not allow them to get away with this gross fraud.

  • stuart says:

    I have been placed in debt by the CSA and their own complaint process admitted that arrears must legally be negotiated yet we still keep seeing folk on here suffering due to the CSA not listening to us,

    Maybe Alice or Karen could explain why the CSA keep doing this to NRP’s but I seriously doubt they will as they only view one side.

  • Macon says:


    Stuart has given you very good advice it works trust me 🙂

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