I’m £1,000 out of pocket and the CSA offer me £100 in compensation!

October 24, 2013

Had mutual agreement in place with ex running for years. She phoned for general information which was wrong, I phoned ten seperatly regarding rental income and low behold the information they gave us was totally wrong!!

I did freedom information request and have recorded calls where was given wrong info. Have went MP whose useless and CSA offering me £100 compensation, I’m out over £1000!! Havnt saw kids in 6 months now. Has anyone went independent case examiner or parliamentary ombudsman? Any help greatly appreciated


  • Pete says:

    Well sounds like maldministration to me, You need to email a formal complaint, as the Scum will cover up thier lies, the word incompetent and incapable are best used for these so called parasites,

  • Lisa says:

    @ Csa spoof, get a proper job you cretin, have you nothing better to do than tell us what we already know that the CSA are NOT above the law and yes compensation is paid out in millions every year to people because the staff are completely incompetent and cant get anything right, the CSA do wind people up, we dont give that a second thought anymore, we do things properly and make the staff members accountable for mistakes and maladministration you idiot

  • @Lisa

    csaspoof is a Spoof CSA Twitter profile which posts ‘on behalf’ of the CSA, and ReTweets people complaining about the CSA. They’re nothing to do with us (oddly) but they’re one of the good guys. They’re worth a follow too!

  • Noel says:

    The CSA make hundreds of mistakes daily but always in favour of the CSA, whats the chances of that unless they are deliberately making mistakes which is legally known as FRAUD.

    I would love to start a campain to load the Small Claims Courts with claims against the CSA.

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