I’ll be better off if I quit my job

July 30, 2013

the csa has gon to my work to take 96pound out of my wages every week and i am on a low wages. I am geting in a mess with over bills.

I have phone the csa about 2or3 times a week but never get know wer with them. the csa twist thng over the phone and get me made then i say the rong thing and cut me of i cannot go on like this i am thinking of giveing my job up i will be better of thay dont help i have ask for help menny times.


  • Adrian says:

    You need to put everything in writing pointless speaking to them morons on the phone cause they don’t know what there doing half the time. Go see ya mp. Write letters every other day. But don’t quit ya job. Should things get on top of you you’ll be beat going on the sick for depression. Which by sounds of it you won’t be lying.
    Keep ya chin up and don’t give in

  • John says:

    The CSA are interfering in your private family life. What happens between parents and THEIR children is for them to sort out.

    Nothing to do with these f–k muppets.

    Remember Hillsborough, where the authorities tried to bury evidence and discredit, the families! Well this is where the CSA are heading. Towards a public enquiry because of the criminal way that they are treating parents.

    Shut it down. Let’s get into the courts and obtain the truth and compensation, for ALL CSA victims!

  • Sally says:

    It’s bad enough that the CSA system, rules and legislation are unfair and bias towards the PWC but what makes it worse is that they are using the thickest people on the planet to enforce it!!!

    The staff they employ are idiots who do not have a clue what the rules or legislation mean (i’d be surprised if half of them could read) and as a result, make the rules up as they go along and we are the ones who have to pay the price for their mistakes!!!

    It can take them YEARS to sort out a case but we have only 28 days for right of appeal to any mistake they make, it can take them MONTHS to send out correspondence (very often inserting the wrong date), but we have only a limited number of DAYS to respond… NRP’s are in a NO WIN situation…. I am not a violent person but I would sincerely shoot our entire government for the way they have crippled this country with their own greed… and instilled the lazy ‘let someone else pay for me to live the life I think I should have’ attitude into the PWCs…

    Not all PWC’s are greedy though, some are genuinely destitute and need help but the CSA are NOT the people to do it!!!

  • John says:

    Can’t argue with that Sally!

    These low life idiots are trying to make me pay for an adult (that’s right an adult aged 19 to 20 – what a f—ing joke). I have paid over 13 years, and was about to exit the system, but the CSA realised that by introducing parental agreements, they would lose case loads.

    So! What do they do? They add another year on to the qualifying age, to keep the compliant ones trapped in their system and ensure that their work load doesn’t drop, in order to keep themselves employed, and boost their bonuses and gold plated pensions! Oh! and of course provide profits for their stakeholders, who are our M.P’s. Therefore M.P’s have a conflict of interests!

    The lazy freeloading mother, is encouraged to continue to claim benefits (at taxpayers expense) by the CSA in order that they can continue to demonise and criminalise me.

    I should be the one who decides to continue to support my adult child – not these shambolic idiots!

    I can’t tell you how angry I am, as I was just about to exit the system, having paid my dues………..they are trying to stitch me up again.

    That is not going to happen!

  • andy says:

    I’m in a similar boat. I spoke to a friend who’s a financial advisor, and he worked it all out for me. He told me that if I were to drop down from 38hrs a week to 20hrs a week, I would be £20-£30 better off a week. If I were to quit work altogether, I would be almost £250 better off a week (more than £50 of that being the money I wouldn’t be spending on petrol for work).

    Oh, the temptation!

  • Lisa says:

    I think any man that’s being chased by CSA should give up work, it’s not right that a woman can have kids to any man claim benefits and CSA on top, the nrp doesn’t get any help apart from having his wage raped every month, it should be a set amount regardless of income, if this happened then each parent would get fair rights, seems money over rules all mad these greedy women think they are owed the world, the staff are idiots who believe every word they are told, the place is full of fraud with staff being caught out and sent to prison, shows how corrupt the government offices really are

  • Sally says:

    I would agree that if you are better off not working then you should give up your job!! My partner gave up his job (after 12 years) because of the hassle his ex and the CSA caused….their (CSA and his ex) lies knew no bounds, the CSA believed every single lie his ex told them and he ended up in arrears…. it’s was rediculous and the idiots at the CSA would not listen to the truth or the facts….

    The best part of the situation we are now in is that because there is no money to fight him for, the mother has let us see the kids as often as we like! When money was involved she reduced overnight stays to get more and reduced access to the kids to punish him when he didn’t do what she wanted… and people assume that because they are a mother, they have their kids best interests at heart….. NO! they have their own needs at heart ONLY…..

  • Will says:

    Have to agree with Sally…

    …my Ex now receives over £800 a month in Child Tax credits, Child Benefit & JSA (Note the payments specifically named by Government as “Child” related). These payments are all Nett of Tax – money in her pocket. She pays no Rent as she receives Housing benefit….Pays no Council Tax as she receives Council Tax Benefit. Her water & electricity bills amount to £70 a month, has no car to run, no property to insure, no home telephone line (through choice) that leaves her £730 clear for “support” of herself and my child…….yet she’s now pushing me for £250 a month in support payments because she “….needs it…” Daughter told me last weekend that shes been out buying a new wardrobe for the last 2 weeks as she’s entertaining a new “friend” – even took HIM out to dinner last weekend ! I asked my daughter what she’d done with the £80 of Christmas money she got last year “…Mum has it..” When I asked if she’d had any new clothes/shoes…anything lately, daughter replied “…new drinks bottle for school, but nothing else ”

    My Ex claims she needs the £250 from me to support my daughter – what’s happening to all the other Child Related payments she’s in receipt of ?? Discovered she’s opened a savings account, a new pension fund (which allows her to claim full entitlement to Housing benefit), even planning a holiday abroad – audacity to ask me if I’d could look after daughter for 2 weeks

    The CSA and the authorities in general wouldn’t take any of these salient issues into consideration, the mothers are always angels with the childrens best interests at heart….ALWAYS WITHOUT EXCEPTION…..yet will blissfully allow me to slip deeper into arrears each month to fund my Ex’s lifestyle needs…

    Is it any wonder society is collapsing at a rate of knots – while the Authorities continue to support unprincipled behaviour, and are prepared to shell out billions of WORKING people’s money to enrich these lifestyles, nothing will ever change….

    Each and every situation should be means tested to determine what people need to live on each month, just as the banks will determine how much you can afford when applying for a mortgage or loan. The dissolved family’s situation should be assessed as a whole so that a fair equilibrium is maintained between both parties.

    It is unjust to simply levy a charge on one person without fully assessing the other parties actual needs. Bank statements should be sought to ascertain how much money is actually being used in support of the child….and how much to support the mothers panchant for shoes & and active social life…

    If the authorities looked at my Ex’s bank staements, saw what they were shelling out each month, then relaised what all of that money was actually being spent on, they’d pull the plug in an instant and tell her she’d need to moderate her own lifestyle and enrich that of her childs.

    I’m now in a situation where I cant afford to put petrol in the car – been riding the bike to work for the last 3 weeks – when my daughter comes over, the best outing I can muster is a walk to the park, there has been the odd weekend where I’ve struggled to give her anything remotely interesting to eat.

    My Ex is aware of the hardship she’s causing….but this is my punishment for walking away from the marriage on the grounds of “negligence”. I’m thankful that my daughter sees what’s going on and has even raised the issue with my wife….only to be hounding down for even daring to broach the subject…

    The only person currently benefiting from the situation is my wife – I’m slipping further into debt each week and my daughter is starting to pain over how it’s effecting me….

    How can this be allowed to happen ?

  • carol says:

    See the thing is folks….they are looping people (because even NRPs are human) into not being able to afford going into work through their own draconian demands.

    Whenever you question your (in)ability to be able to pay the “support” (pffft) …always send in your ingoings and outgoings, and so they can see with their slitted eyes, and closed narrow little minds that you cannot afford it!

    Instead of this government seeing this and thinking “oh my, the cost of living is terrible for the people we vowed to govern, we must set about changing things to help those worse off so that they CAN afford to pay for their children” …they really just think “cool…more money for us, for less output from our corporate friends KA-CHING”

    So…. we are left with no choice sometimes but to be sacked for being unable to get into work, or to feed or clothe ourselves and have warmth. BASIC human rights which are being trampled on by this dictorship masqurading as a government in it with us together.

    Ever wondered why Cameron wants out of europe? not because of its excessive cost to be in, but (for all its faults) it does still adhere to the human rights of people and cameron dont want us having that, or having legal aid to fight his inhumane policies. You can see how it all slipped in under the radar whilst something else was going on (distraction) and how the plan unfolded when you look back.

    How do we triumph such insidious practices shrouded in such secrecy?

    How do we overcome this CSA?

    Maybe the cost of us all not being able to be in work might prove to stir it up again, only then, when the money from us still diligently working their corporate machines stops en masse, will they have to listen. But as we continue pushing ourselves for fuck all, winding up in deep poverty, then they will still keep this injustice alive.

  • ronald says:

    wen the csa gets you they got you ther nothing you can do about it. i have tride my x gets 102 a week of me it go.s out of my wage befor i get it and all my kids ar not at school. it is hall the back pay wen i was out of work so has soon i got a job thay come looking for you i am fedup with the csa. the csa say they will help you but all the csa do is put you in a persition that you got to pay it. i need help and thers no one to help you. wher dus this get me i think nower i am depress whith it but still pay it

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