Ignored by CSA for over 2 years

November 16, 2011

My ex husband aand i were married for 5 years and then he left me when my youngest son was just 20 weeks old,we also had a 3 year old son to.He left me with nothing!! Just thousands of pounds worth of debt. I contacted the child support agency straight away as i knew he would not help support the children. The csa said he was not responding to anything and this went on for several months. Mean while i had balif’s knocking on my door demanding money. My parents had to help me out financially as he was no where to be seen. As the months went on i heard nothing and didn’t even receive a letter from the csa.

I have tried contacting them several times and have even given them my ex husbands latest address in London and they still haven’t replied or contacted me. It will be 3 years in April and still have not had a penny or have not even been reassured or written to. I think this is appalling behavior from a government agency and i am working as hard as i can to support my children whilst he is getting away with it.

This is not on and needs to be dealt with.


  • karen bedford says:

    Please join the facebook groups for advice and support child support agencies failings and others – this is what you need to do –

    complain in writing, send recorded deliver, keep diary and log of calls, etc.
    ask for special payments – compensation
    contact ICE Independent Case Examiner to complain about the CSA
    ask for a departure hearing – appeal tribunal
    find whatever info you can on him and then see if you can get the Criminal Compliance unit involved who work with the credit ref agencies.
    Does he have property? a director in a company, many bank accounts, etc.,
    Ask for advance payment – lump sum –
    Good luck, dont give up

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