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If you’re self employed, you can hide pretty much anything

I despair when it comes to the CSA. They do the bare minimum and exes that are self employed can pretty much hide what they want. I eventually got my ex to a Tribunal. He had accumulated £250 000 in his business account and paid himself dividends of approx £35000 and paid his girlfriend the same amount monthly. The tribunal found him guilty of diverting funds and child support doubled.My ex was also ordered to pay arrears of approx £4000. My ex made up a story to the tribunal about needing the £250 000 for a software product he is developing and the tribunal decided to exclude the £250 000 as an asset.

After the Tribunal, my ex promptly took his girlfriend off the payroll and declared he only gets £35 000 per year.The new set of accounts removed the issue of diversion. I am now back at square one. As soon as the tribunal was over, my ex was found to be contracting again after having lied to the CSA. He told the CSA and the Tribunal that he was not contracting and that he would work on this software product and live off the £250 000 for the next 2 years.

The CSA have said they are not concerned with individual contracts despite the fact that this completely contradicts his earlier story.
It seems impossible to beat the system and an ex who knows how to play the system and has a clever accountant.

It has really worn me down.


18 thoughts on “If you’re self employed, you can hide pretty much anything

  1. Peter could u email me. My partner off 15 years is self empolyed yet hiss money grabbing ex what’s money for there 18 year old who she stopped seeing her dad as she was jealous he got with me. Fair play to the bloke above.

  2. Mandy ignore the haters and nasty people above who promote this to their children – thats how their children will be too, join the fb group child support agencies failings for advice and support without the bullies – who some I have had to report to the Police for their abuse and threats – thats how credible they are!

  3. Abuse and threats, prove it, you talk absolute.rubbish, police, 5 months later still waiting, as we all.know the only people csa are interested in is themselves, karen above has had.many thousands from csa, yet she still isnt satisfied, its all about more money, where is the fairness, its all about the PWC not the kids, and the saying “where is my money”

  4. @ Lisa – you are wasting your time on Karen – she is a different kind of freak from chall and Alice….

    What Karen does not have the intelligence to comprehend is that SHE (along with all the other money grabbing PWCs) is breeding and teaching children to assume they do not have to work because they will be financially supported by the government, the NRP and the NRP’s partner…. SHE is KNOWINGLY promoting terrible moral standards to children… and she has the audacity to come on here and call decent, honest, hard WORKING people bullies…

    She is no better than the CSA workers who steal from NRP’s.

    The reason NRP’s go self employed or transfer their assets to a SAFE place is to avoid the CSA and the demand of the GREEDY ex .. NOT to avoid paying for their children and the sooner people realise this the sooner we will stop getting stupid comments from Karen and people like her!!!

  5. @Sally, karen and myself have had.numerous run ins shall we say, she believes that first children are priority and second children should go without, the way I ALL children are.priority, its all bloody jealousy that there ex has moved on.and somebody else makes them happy, if she spent more positive energy into getting all the people wronged by CSA into a big group and us making a difference for all instead of telling every PWC to go to criminal compliance unit she wouldt seem such a.heartless nasty individual, she has.numerous posts on here boasting about her many thousands she got in special payments, this is the problem with.people like her, bitterness rubs off, the group she promotes is full of nasty NRP haters, I know a few people banned off that group because they were second wives etc makes mad, karen threatened me and a few others with the police, what she probably tell them was that she freely offered the information that made.people lay into her, it was just deserved

  6. Really Lisa?? God help her children… They will turn out to be monsters, just like her…. Sad…

  7. Wow these people advising and gloating about avoiding paying their “greedy” exes, your children must be so proud of you, not. Disgraceful behaviour that you punish your kids and make them miss out what by law they are entitled to. You don’t deserve children if you play them like pawns in a game. Shame on you. Hopefully the new system with full access to dwp will stop these underhand callous prats from getting away with their responsibilty.

    Hopefully your children will have better morals than you. Letting everyone who abides by the law to pay for YOUR children. Pathetic.

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