If you think something is wrong, appeal it straight away

November 29, 2013

Well, its been a roller coaster of a ride as you all may know. i had my little girl very young and because my daughters mother was claiming benefits the csa opened a case against me, due to my age i was completly unaware that i had debt mounting up with them, in 2004 i moved abroad to germany to live with my dad to get my head out of the clouds, in 2006 i returned and went to college where i gained access to university.

it was after university that the csa contacted me telling me that i owe £7000 i was shocked as it was never in my mind that a case had even been opened without my knowledge! within days they were taking £90 per week from my wages which were at the minimum. i had a rented house with my partner and just couldn’t believe it! i was left with £128 pw after taxes and national insurance as well but to make it worse they charged me £1 every week for the privilege.

i knew it was wrong and fought it but was knocked back by there staff and management with sly arrogant remarks. i had to leave my job to claim housing benefit and jobseekers. to survive what they thought was right. a few weeks ago a lady called and told me the whole case was closed when i left the country in 2004 so everything i paid in will be paid back. that was 5 weeks ago now and still not a penny.

the advisor told me it would be two weeks, then another told me the end of the month then the third time he apologized and said he forgot to put my bank details in the system? they ruined what good i had made for myself and i feel sick that this kind of act is happening on British soil. why cant they employ teams of people to visit the houses of mothers and fathers to make a judgment face to face? its harsh and i felt completley helpess and was left with pennies to support myself even though i was working full time.

My advice to anyone if they suspect a judgement is wrong, is appeal it before they put a deduction from earnings order on you. because once thats in place, you dont have a shot of stopping the payments. They were taking over 40 percent of my wages every week and no matter how many times i rang them pleading poverty, they just didnt listen. So put everything in writing, do not rely on telephone conversations cos believe me, they dont mean jack.


  • Sara says:

    Get your MP on it to help get your money back. This was their balls up so kick off make noise and fight for it!

  • Danny says:

    Thanks Sarah,
    they seemed so determined to give me my money back but now there taking the mick? i would never have known until they rang me so if they dont want to hand money out dont say anything!??
    Im in the process of writing to my M.P ill keep all info posted.

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