If they get married and the kids have a new guardian, do we still pay?

November 15, 2013

Hi boxing day 2011 was the last time my boyfriend seen his son, his son is now 5 and is living in another town with his mother (if you can call her that) and her new fiancais.

We have no notion as to why she stopped us seeing him as we used to see him regular, she also gave up 2 children to us as they are older , so she cant have that much of a problem with us, we think it is because she wants the child to be brought up as thinking her new husband to be will be his father with him being so young.

We allow the kids to visit her at her home with her new partner and have no problem with this and have never stopped any contact at all as this would be outragous and callous and cruel on the children, however she thinks not. the children are not allowed to talk about their father when they visit their brother and have been threatened with not being able to go again if they do so, which is heartbreaking.

what we want to know is if they get married and he becomes the legal gaurdian or if they apply for adoption will we still have to pay the CSA for him??


  • Linda says:

    If the child(ren) are adopted then you do not have to pay any further maintenance, but if they just get married then you are still obliged to pay.

  • darrnic says:

    The 2 children in my care are both under the age of 18 she does not pay a thing as she is not working and didn’t need to as her new partner soon to be husband has a very good job also they have just had a child themselves. So they have my son who I will have not seen now for 2 years this boxing day and their new child. I am still paying my csa for my son and always pay.

  • jo says:

    Darrnic she still needs to pay toward the upkeep of the children living with you….even if it being 5.00! She doesn’t want you in your sons life but still quite happy to take your money?

    Have you also got legal advice to get contact with your younger son….poor little man what a confusing situation for him, what the mother is doing is very damaging and he will grow to resent her, he will know if he still sees his siblings…this man will never be his father as you are his dad and have not done anything to deny you that right.

    Good luck with your case.

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