If the father doesn’t see a child for a few years, will the payments stop?

December 12, 2013

Hi Ive heard that if the child dad doesnt have any contact with the child for a few years (his choice) then the CSA payments will end, as he isnt seeing the child. Is this true? or does he stil need to pay the csa even though he wouldn’t of seen his child for a few years?


  • Woody says:

    Hi selina,
    This is incorrect, the nrp pays child maintenance whether they have contact with their child/children or not.

  • dai says:

    incorrect – in fact the less contact NRP has with the child the more he must pay – hence mothers [and it is usually mothers] stop contact as soon as CSA get involved. including those who say they have been victims of DV, one would expect them to avoid the CSA but they don’t – cash is king!

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