If she’s lying to get more money, she’s not going to sign a letter of contradiction

August 19, 2013

Please can someone help!!!!

After seeing my son every other week end for the last 2 years and paying £250 a month via the CSA my ex finally agreed in March this year to me having him more, as I have 4 days off a week, she agreed to close the case with the CSA and I agreed to still give her £100 month.

This I have paid on time and not ever missed a payment. I now see my son on average of 18/19 days a month. Which is fantastic. She has now gone back to the CSA to back date the claim and has lied to the amount of time I see and have my son.

When I questioned this with the agency and asked what evidential proof do you want, they said a signed letter from her. Obviously if she is lying to get more money from me she is hardly going to sign something to contradict her false claims, and yet they have taken her word. They are now taking the payments again from me, to which they have said I have no say or right to appeal as she has stated I don’t have him this much. Does anyone know what I can do or send them to prove I have him??? Thank you in advance.


  • carrie says:

    It’s all so wrong! I hope you have better luck than us (I’m a nrpp) our pwc denied we had paid CM despite years of regular monthly payments going direct into her bank. They aren’t interested in looking at our proof the pwc has to say she ‘accepted’ it as CM,what else could it be come on CSA !! You could check that all debts were settled on the family home,it was sold ,she even had a cash lump sum.Why do you believe the pwc so readily ?Are we not worthy of the same faith ! My husband & myself are honest professional people who have always had the children regularly(EVERY week till they we teenagers & didnt want to come they wanted to stay in an empty house at their mums( she was at the b/friends- away a lot!) & have their mates round ! I think this is blatant discrimination by the CSA to keep getting money off compliant nrp’s .It’s not right as the staff get bonuses from doing this I’ve heard !

  • Gonk says:

    This is what’s so disgusting and wrong about this vile one sided agency. The CSA know the mother is never going to write and sign a letter confirming you have your kid x amount of time,because she be signing away CSA payments which ain’t gonna happen and these bastards know that.
    How’s this fair in any way at all.seems th pwc can lie and practically say whatever she likes. It’s disgusting that a father is driven to taking time and date stamped video and photo evidence in order to have to prove he has the kid/kids.
    And the likes of Karen Bedford wonder why we NRP’s moan and grown on here and having chips on our shoulders.
    I don’t know how many times I read similar stories where a pwc goes back to the CSA after a private arrangement where the Nrp has paid every week and the bitch lies saying he’s never had the kids or never received any payment and the scum CSA believe her and then the Nrp has to pay back dated payments, so paying her all over again. Makes me want to spit blood at these people.

  • Bella says:

    This happened to us and we had signed receipts for every payment and I kept a spreadsheet adding up the amounts but they wouldn’t accept it as proof and said we owed £10,000. We did manage to sort it out in the end though – although to this day i’m not sure how! We basically pushed and pushed until we got a date to meet with a court appointed officer at court. He went through all of our paperwork and somehow it all got sorted. He was really sympathetic to fathers so we may have just got lucky.

    That, plus the time we finally managed to get a CSa officer out to the house for a face to face meeting are the only times we’ve ever made progress with these imbeciles.

    That was in 2010 though. It was all ticking along since then (with the obvious regular demands for recalculations from the ex who seems convinved one day they’ll start taking my wages into account) but of course, this is the CSA, so a couple of months ago they demanded ‘arrears’ of £1500 from some mythical time long ago and want £378 a month to clear it!

    And so it begins again……

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