If NRP refuses to supply wage slips and is already on a default maintenance payment, what can the CSA do??

December 12, 2013

Hi, my partner (NRP) is currently paying default £40 p/w. But CSA want wage slips as they won’t accept this! I looked on CSA calculator and it’s loads more than £40 p/w that they would rinse out of us!! What do I do?? The fact she (PWC) has poisoned his kids against him and he hasn’t seen them for 3 yrs, and has no way of contacting them as she (PWC) blocks everything is of no interest to the CSA. She (PWC) goes out etc, the kids don’t go without, so why should he pay more than the default??!! Anyway, they have said he can’t stay on default and he must provide wage slips, my question is, if he refuses to give wage slips and asks to stay on default payments, what can the CSA do? What will they do?? Any real examples/experience WELCOME PLEASE 🙂


  • jo says:

    The csa will go through the hrmc and gain his records that way and put him down as non compliant, if he’s on PAYE then they can enforce a deo on his wages at 40%.

    Unfortunately access to children is of no concern to the csa, you will need to go to court to sort that out.

    He really does need to work with the csa else it will get worse.

    Good luck

  • Corryn says:

    They will get his paye details from HMRC and put a DEO on his wages, this happened to my husband as he stupidly ignored their letters asking for his income details.

    I agree with Jo, work with them as they will get what they want regardless, at least if you set up a DD you have some control over it. Theres the added stigma of people at his work knowing his business if they get a DEO as well. I think they would only take 40% if you have arrears. My husband had his first months money taken direct from his pay which included 200 of ‘arrears’ which were accrued while they set up his DEO, he had no control over this because he had effectively given them all the power they needed by being non compliant. So in a oner they took nearly 500 coins, then his payments should have gone down the next month to the normal amount but lo and behold they went in and took another 500 quid which there was nothing we could do about it. I was stressed to bits as we were on holiday abroad when they took it and it left us seriously short as we were on a budget hol to begin with! We did get a refund from them after about 6 weeks but it was scarey being in a foreign country on ya last pennies! Good luck.

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