If my daughter stays in education, do I still need to pay until she’s 21?

July 20, 2013

Just a quick bit of advice really
My daughter is going to be 18 in feb 2014 We currently have a good healthy relationship between myself n mother Just that She may continue to do her 2nd year of her A levels next year then go into uni Wen do I stop paying mantaence for her and giving the money to her .

I think I have it right of she completed her 2nd year I still Make payments But if she leaves six form Or is unsuccessful in her second year I can then just give my daughter money??

And if she wen to uni in my home town instead of the mother home town Would I still need to pay direct to the mother as she would be using my home to stay at sometimes and asking for money to go out n stuff, like girls do lol If she stayed at uni would I still need to pay the mother until she is 21 years old or not ??
Sorry it’s quite a few questions

It’s just someone said that when a child reaches 18 t both parents can pay I to an account is that also true

Many thanks For this great service J mcsorley


  • Lisa says:

    You will only pay till your child finishes college, you don’t pay when they go to university, that’s when child benefit ceases which is when CSA ceases

  • Lisa says:

    You only pay till 20 if you have been moved onto the new scheme cs3 if this hasn’t happened and CSA have not written to you then it stops at 19th birthday or day the child benefit stops

  • topper says:


    Is it a definite fact that the ages differ dependent upon which set of rulings a case may be on, is this written down anywhere that can be seen, if so where?

  • Sally says:

    Hiya… I read on the NACSA website that its 20 for all cases whether on CSA 1, 2 or 3 🙁

    Here is the link to the information… It’s crap!!


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