If I’m paying all of this money, I should be able to see my son, right?

July 20, 2013

Hello everyone.

First of all I am happy too see I’m Not the only person that has problems with the csa. Before mothers read this and say I shouldn’t complain about paying support, I have an always will support my son regardless and have done since I split with his mother.

I split with his mother in 2012 when my son was 8 months old due to her being abusive cheating and stealing money from my bank. Ever since that day I have had to fight tooth and nail too see my son.
One day she moved away in September 2012 and I haven’t seen my son since. I missed his 2nd Christmas and 2nd birthday. Yet I am paying £87 a week in child support with no help from the csa as regards too advice for access. After explaining to the csa that I cannot afford to pay £87 due to outgoings. After skirting around my calls for help for 2 weeks I basically got a ‘tough s***’ deal with it.

And still to this day I haven’t seen my son and I still receive abusive messages from his mom such as ; I hope you die I hope you suffer Your scum You will never see my son Your not his real dad My family are going to batter you. After being ill with stress and depression due to this abuse and not seeing my son.

I would happily pay all my wages just too see my little boy again. And I can’t afford to go to Court because he has the majority of the money I have left after bills.
If I am paying all this money surely I should be able too see him? But the csa say its not their fault and to go to court or stop moaning.

They are biased towards mother and don’t have any consideration to fathers and financial constraints. It’s heartbreaking too see so Many men being messed about and stopped seeing their kids by vindictive self centred mothers.


  • CSA warrior says:

    Dude been there and would nevr go there again. ok Csa cannot help with contact. I hate them but this is not there fault so here goes

    You have automatic parental rights. the child should be reistered witha doctor. I asume that you have contacted her family and they stayed silent.
    You can represent yourself at court and its not that scary and you dont have to be a lawyer. get some details of a seek and find order. this orders those who are hiding her to disclose the information or be held in contempt of court.

    Dont go and see her seriously dont do it.
    make your application to the court for a contact order. you have to send the application to her.

    being a bitch (bitches aint smart.) she may ignore this.
    but you attend court and collect your court order.

    now armed with a court order you can then see her on the days set for contact . now the game has changed. When you go to hers call the police on 101 and say that you fear for your safety and fear a breach of the peace. when they arrive go to her house make sure thatyou have the court order with you to show the police. take a note of theb CAD number too.

    If still no luck then go back to court. new contact orders have a penal notice attached so there is a chnacwe that she will be penalised by the court especially if she doesnt turn up. Dont slate her off to the courts. most family judges are female. stick to the facts.

    Still no joy dont worry you gave her a chance, 1 more than she deserves. Go back to the court and ask that the order be reversed you get custody. Or she complies with the contact order.

    The most important thing is remember you will see yourchild again and you must remain some one they can be proud of. keep notes or even a diary. I will tell you I fought my bitch for 6 years in court . but now I see my kids when I or they feel fit. I framed my court order like a medal. good luck dont give up no matter how tempting. The CSA will forever be a bitch but You will watch your kid grow up thats priceless

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