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If I get married now, the CSA will take more money – what can we do?

Hi this my 1st time here. I’ve a problem with csa and read so many different story’s about them and now don’t know what to do. I’ve children from the past but now met a wonderful women and we want to marry but we’ve been told that if we do the csa will take any money she earns for to pay for my children.

It destroying our relationship and don’t know what to do its got us both depressed and it’s tearing us apart. We planned to live together n start a family but looks like csa will stop that. What can I do please help. Thanks

9 thoughts on “If I get married now, the CSA will take more money – what can we do?

  1. Welcome to the world of the scum CSA, do not trust s word they say, the scum are only interested in bonus and targets, they are all pathological liars whom commit fraud on a daily basis, can only suggest you log every call get a name, do not give your bank details as they will strip your account, keep every letter they send you, if you send any thing to them send it recorded delivery, and also come and join CSA rip offs on face book

  2. Hi Chris, the CSA cannot take your partners earning into account, as Lynda says, it changed in 2003.

    The CSA can however, force the sale of joint assets if they feel they are unhappy with you (as Pete says, the staff are liars and will falsify records to make you non-compliant so that they can put you in arrears).

    I was in the same situation with my partner… And after 3 years of hell dealing with the CSA and his vindictive ex, we sold our properties and bought a house in my name only, he gave up his job and became a student… There is absolutely nothing the CSA or his ex can do to us so I would suggest you put all future property into her name only… We are much happier now than we have ever been and the kids are happier too…

  3. Thanks for your comments very helpful eases the stress a little. Just hope they leave us alone with there bullying tactics. I’ve read so much stuff just didn’t know what to do. Thanks again guys 🙂

  4. But can they not take his wifes income into account if he is still under CSA1 rules???? I might be wrong, but thought they can if he is still under old rules. It is all wrong, wrong, wrong! Why should another woman have to pay for children that are nothing to do with her? Hope OP gets this sorted!

  5. I wouldnt get LEGALLY married whilst under CSA whatever CSA (1, 2 or 3) I am under. Why should my partner pay for a child that has nothing to do with him, or for a child my ex deliberately stops me seeing??

    I would however, have a secret commitment ceremony, and seeing as I dont see my child for them to go back and mention anything to daddy, or have a facebook account, ex would be none the wiser.

    Until the CSA act fairly and do not discriminate, against NRPs and new families, then unfortunately we are left to think outside the box in such situations

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