If I can’t have my kids overnight can my ex stop my access?

March 11, 2013

Can my partner stop me seeing my kids in school holidays of I am unable to have them overnight. I cureently have my kids Fri/sat nights and all day sunday on alternate weekends and have them 2 nights a week for 3 hrs at a time every week.

I would have them more but due to financial reasons Im renting a room in a friends house. He is not keen on extending the overnights.


  • carol says:

    @csahell….my ex is the pwc father and he stopped access….even when he “allowed it” it was for an hour contact. Seems to be if the pwc is spiteful, gender doesnt matter. My case a lil more complex because my baby was taken and adopted i believed. Now I found he had our child all the long and decided to put in for csa. If state take baby from you, should you be liable? Apparently so according to csa.

    Anyway sorry OP…if your ex is still angry or bitter and generally spiteful, then its certainly a likelihood. Especially when she can use this to make a drama and then act all righteous, and go for the full custody/greater csa payments….

  • carol says:

    hmmm not always as clear cut as that amanda. sometimes contraception fails, or the woman is not any BC despite saying so, regardless of length of relationship…it happens. If a woman wants to get pregnant, she will. If she wants to stay pregnant, she will. Man has little or no say in final decision. So from there, yes, I would agree that men….you gotta be more careful. Find out your womans cycle and learn it….on them fertile days and a week either side, you are especially careful. I dont use BC because it totally messes with me, and no surprises 😉 but then Im not after getting pregnant for cash handouts…too interested in making my own career from not being a baby machine ;p

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