If he can pay for college he can pay for child support

December 22, 2013

i have a 2 and a half year old daughter and havn’t had a penny off her father. I contacted the CSA a few months ago because he was doing gigs around were we live( i know this for a fact).

i don’t know what else he is doing as i dont have contact with him( he picks her up from my mums) as we dont get on. his step mum told me a few weeks ago that he is supposed to be starting work at the weekend but she didn’t know where.

he only has her 1 night every 2 weeks (his choice) which he used to pick her up at 1pm but now says he cant get her till 3pm (maybe he is in work) i also have heard that he is back in college (which will be his 4th year) and you are only allowed to do 3 years and then you have to pay for your course, which he would have to pay anyway because he is over 20, so if he can afford to pay for college then he can afford to pay child maintence.

so, i contacted the CSA a few months ago and they told me i was entitled to £0.00. if he is not working he must be on jobseekers, otherwise how is he affording to live? i have been told that his name will stay on the files now and i will be notified when he starts working. is this correct or should i contact them again, surely they should be investigating him. I was thinking of going to seek advice from the citizens advice, but i’m not sure if they could help, what do you think??


  • gray says:

    What he does is actually NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Why do you women… sorry, PWC’s think everything is your business, or should be run by you 1st. So what, he’s in college. His choice, and he has a right to better himself. What if he comes away from college and is earning mega bucks? Bet you’d be happy then than him earning minimum wage and you get pittance. I quit my college course cos of a greedy woman… sorry, PWC like yourself. She demanded more and more, so I had to work more and more and had no time for college. On completion of my course I was guaranteed a job earning at least £20k per year, so my kids would have been having hundreds a month off me voluntarily. Now tho, they get £85 a month because I’m lucky if I take home more than £500 a month, due to her greed.

    So, stop being a greedy little bitch, and you may get more out of it, voluntarily, in the long run.

  • CSA warrior says:

    Ok he doesnt sound like a bad guy hes supportive and he there. why would you want to piss this guy off for. He could have bailed and left you holding the baby and ran. He didn’t.

    rather than go the the CAB, help him to help you. rebuild broken bridges and ensure that that you are both there for the child. That is the most important thing. do let not anything or anyone distract you from that. that will be an expensive mistake

    Even if the CSA could help they will take forever if and when they get round to it. Remember he is there for the child and to support you. the CSA are there for the government to collect revenue. dont be persuaded that they care.

    What you have is nice dont spoil it

  • CSA warrior says:

    Just found out that he may have got a government loan to pay for his college

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