If a father can’t see his child he shouldn’t have to pay

February 17, 2013

Where do i begin, my wife left me 15 years ago and moved down to London and took my 1 year old daughter Gemma. Gemma is now calling somebody else daddy and has been for almost all her life, I dont get to see her and yet I have to pay CSA.

And then 6 years ago I had a daughter with a second wife who went off the rails, and now doesnt let me see my daughter, I cant afford the court costs and yet I still have to pay the CSA??? The CSA should be circumstance based, if a father cant see his child he should not have to pay CSA.

I feel very let down and hate the country.


  • lisa says:

    I agree totally, if a mum stops hers ex from seeing his children for no reason in particular, then she shouldt receive any money simples, spiteful bitch your ex, your well rid

  • j says:

    yes but if you applied common sense like contact and maintenance being linked then think of all the job losses in the csa and legal profession.

  • Smithy says:

    Agreed but good luck trying to get that past the feminazi regime we currently have in power.

  • chall says:


    Have you considered being a LIP with regards to child contact?

    The link below may halp.


  • dadof3 says:

    Same here buddy,

    Even with a court order for contact in place at a cost of £200 the ex till refuses contact for many onths at a time.

    I still have to pay CSA to her.

    Then it gets better.

    Have to pay a further £200 for an enforcement of contact order, so she lets me see them once, then resorts back to ignoring the orders.

    Still have to pay and still no punishment for her.

    Why is this countries equal rights law so not enforced?

    Still women seem to be able to get away with whatever they like and still fathers suffer in silence whilst bleeding money…

    The law is a joke.

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