I wouldn’t need my ex’s money if I stopped spending it on expensive Sky TV

October 6, 2011

When me and my partner split up, he offered me £50 a week, i said it was too much as we only have one daughter and the CSA make him pay £30 a week, the thing is, EX’s cant threaten you with this amount of money or that amount of money, the CSA guidelines are, they take 15& or your ages and take off a certain amount for each night you have your child!

So BOYS your partners are just being nasty, they can threaten you all they want but the figures are the figures and they cant do anything about it, the more you earn the more you will pay unfortunately!

If your self employed you can get away with it to, but the CSA will always contact your employer if work for someone, ie Kwik Fit like my little girls dad!

I will be the first to admit that some girls go mad when we split from partners, especially fathers of our children, and i know a few people that take money of the childrens dad but dont let them see their dad which is stupid, all because the more they can avoid the child seeing the dad the more money they get! Its pathetic.

People are moaning that they have to pay £200 a month for their children etc i dont think thats very fair, if you were still with your child and their mum you would have to pay alot more, lets not forget making a baby is easy but they are expensive.

I hate the fact that i have to rely on my ex partners money (30 a week) to help me out with raising my daughter. My little girl is 19 months old and im at work so i have to pay 90 a week childcare!

I just wish that things were different, hes a great dad and sees her, on average 2 nights a week.

I think that Woman do over exaggerate things when the CSA get involved, they threaten with higher figures that actually dont even make sense!

If i think about it, if i stopped buying silly things like having all the sky channels etc i wouldnt actually need Orlaith’s dads money!

Oh well, i do think that the help is nice, but sometimes woman just ask for too much, just be happy and thankful you have a healthy and happy child!


  • joanne shier says:

    Even though I agree with your post, the 200.00 a month thing is a little naive, when pwc and nrp split, the nrp more than likely has to start all over again and if working without the added benefits that some pwcs get, this isn’t put into consideration when making a claim on the nrp, it doesn’t matter what their outgoings are so leaves the nrp in severe hardship. I should know as its happening to us, we have to pay 600.00 a month on a child who is now 18 because csa have messed up his assessment. My advice for pwc, if you want amicable relationship with the ex if you can, stay away from the csa, civil servants didn’t make the babies either but sure enough want to screw with your life.

  • Terry says:

    I have to pay £100 pw for my daughter. This is 30% of my net income as i am assesed on old rules.
    My ex says that she thinks this amount is too much. I offered her £60 per week which is what the current system would ask me for. She refused claiming its because she wants everything done through the books. This is a lie. She refused because all she is seeing is the £ signs. Even though i am stuck with the £100 pw payment she still keeps demanding more money off me. Money for our daughters dance lessons and test. Half of the price of a laptop for our daughter to use for her school work. (My ex also uses said laptop herself when daughter is asleep)
    I wanted to make a fare payment but because she can get way more it was no deal. She doesnt work so she also gets her benefits and rent and council tax payed.

  • Shaunna says:

    Terry, that is terrible!
    Although in the post it said i work, i no longer work as my Boss ended up being a pervery but lets not go into that, i have now been screwed over by the Job Centre and the Housing Benefit people! I fifnished work on the11/10/2011 yet i am not aloud my ncome support until the 5/11/2011 and i sll have to pay my childcare for then next 4 weeks (£90 p/w) and i still have to pay towards my rent until the 5/11/2011 (£42 p/w) thats out goings of £132 a week and not including the rest of my bills, i have no wage at the moment, i am relying on my ex partners £30 a week, chld benfit £20 a week and tax credits! My ex has offered me more money to help me out until the 5/11/2011 and still i say no! My daughter needs a new bed as shes too big fora cot, he offered to pay for it £60 and still say no!
    I regards to the dance lessons etc there is NO NEED for you to pay half, your £100p/w is supposed to cover everything for the child! Excpet for the times you have her, where money is deducted from what you should pay so that you can have money to pay for child when they are in your care.
    I think that the CSA are horrible!
    My big sister takes 30 a week of her ex partner and keeps saying its not enough yet he has her 2 nights a week and is earning ALOT less than my ex partner so if she went through the CSA she would get alot less! It makes me sooo angry! Its like my new partner (who i do not live with) his mum gets £250 a month off her ex for her 15 year old son yet she is forever moaning that its not enough, she works full time and gets help towards her rent etc as she is a single mum! Ive tld her shes being unreasonable. But she says she should get more because her ex earns more, i dont think it should work like that! i think there should be a set amount that you should give towards the upbringing of your children not the more you earn the mre you give, i also think that people who have to pay 30% on the old rules should immediately have it brought up to date and have to pay the 15% minus the amount you have your children! It make me soooo angry that all woman want is money!!
    Its like woman that dont let the dads see their children so that they can get more money!! Arghhhhhh!!!!
    Rant over!!!!

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