I would have to pay less on the new CSA system

May 31, 2012

I was paying £500 a month for 2 children i have, my eldest has now left collage and the csa contacted me telling me i no longer have to pay for her and that they will be re calculating my monthy payments as i only have 1 child on the csa now They got back in contact with me to give me my new payment details for my 1 child which is … £500 A MONTH, which is what i was paying when i had 2 children on the csa, all they have done is doubled my youngest child csa?

I am on the old csa system which i hate and think is unfair, on my wages i have worked out on the new system i will only pay £250 a month which is half of what im paying now!

I have 7 years left to pay csa, so at the moment paying £500 a month is about £42,000 from now till the end .. BUT if i was on the new system i would only pay £21,000 So CSA wants me to pay an extra £21,000 in 7 years just because im on the old system !!! which i find very hard to take … just because my child was born before a certain date i have to pay £21,000 extra !!! surely this is against my human rights … i have had a solicitor on the case and they say there is not much they can do?

What can i do to get on the new system? AS the csa has already said that the old csa system dont work so why am i still on it?

Can anybody help me as im struggling for money and i want to move on with my life i will pay csa i have no problem with that, its a case of how much!

Can i take them to court? any advice will help as im at a loose end surely there is something i can do to sort this out ??? i was thinking more of my human rights how can they charge me £500 a month and other people only £250 a month?

thank you



  • Alice says:

    If you go to court ,you will only be throwing away more money.Solicitors dont want to get involved with CSA.CSA have there own laws.Get your mp involved ,Put everything in writing,do not ring the CSA as you will have nothing solid to go on.Keep all paper work. I think the only way you can go onto the new system is for your ex to finish the old claim and make a new claim but I dont think she will help you because that would be less money going her way.I have always been on the side of the NRP,(been one myself for the last 20 years)but since been on this site i can see both sides of the coin and have sympathy for both NRP and PWC.

  • Carol says:

    Agree with Alice on every point.

    Only way you will get on the new system, is either by having another claim put in against you, or seeing your MP who can demand you are transferred over.

    Solicitors don’t want involved. Typically they are not successful against the CSA and only costs money where your MP involvement is free and if he/she is any good something should be done.

  • jay. says:

    This is wrong, your ex’s circumstances have changed, she is no longer in receipt of one of the kids cb, so your payments should have been reduced…I would go and see your mp and demand an explanation.

    Also have you asked for a variation, with cs1 every outgoing should be listed and hopefully a reduction there, sounds to me the csa are just being lazy and can’t be bothered to work out a new calculation for you, don’t take any crap from them. We are on cs1 and we know it gets reduced when a child is no longer on the case. Good luck.

  • Terry says:

    You have slim to no chance of getting off the old system and onto the current one.
    There are 3 ways it can happen.

    1. You get some one else pregnant who then opens a new case against you.

    2. Your ex gets pregnant and opens a new case against the baby’s father.

    3. Your ex closes the case for 13 weeks then opens a new case.

    Your MP asking for you to be changed over to the current system will not work. Mine tried and just got told what i have just stated. They are the only 3 ways you can be changed.

    I am also on the old system and am paying £100 a week for my daughter.
    If i was on the current system i would only be paying £55 a week.

    When they rang me telling me the figure i had to pay i stated that i would only be paying half that if i was on the current system. The guy stated “That’s correct”
    I asked how it is legal for them to run a 2 tier system and he replied “It’s probably not but you cant afford to do anything about it.”
    I then said at £100 a week i may end up having to quit my job, give up my house and declare bancruptcy. His reply “well if that is what you have to do then go do it. I dont care.” Then he hung up on me.

  • Phil says:

    I’m in pretty much the same boat and sinking fast. PWC decided after 10 years that her original “I don’t want anything because I tricked you” confession is now “I want to get as much as I can”
    I’m also on the old system and paying £350 a month which was reduced from £420 after my pleading (so generous) and also have a hefty arrears bill as they failed to contact me at the correct address and will not accept that they sent mail to an address that I never gave them. I am currently in talks with my MP but after 20 months I have got nowhere. CSA will not answer any questions or admit any blame and the Independent case examiner seems just as bad as they claim to have written to me but as I failed to reply to a letter that was never sent or a call that was never made, they closed the case. Feel like i’m banging my head against a brick wall as it seems nobody cares that the system is 20 years old and needs scrapping to make things fairer for all and not just the pwc. Any suggestions on what to do next?

  • ben says:

    I have been on the old system since 2003. my rep at the CSA has changed more times than my underwear. each time i phoned the CSA to try and reason they said…oooh its about time we done a recalculation on your income…result- me out of pocket even more. at one point i was paying £588 a month for 1 kid.. my household was having to make do with £350 because of the ridiculous amount i was paying.. by the way my household has 2 kids a wife and myself.. I became afraid to phone the CSA as I expected the usual raise in my csa payments.
    I moved house some years ago and informed them. i had my payments reduced… Yipee! so i thought. a year after my reduced amount i received a letted from the Bastards saying THEY had miscalculated the repayments and im in arrears of £2600…You CANNOT win with this unruly un organised and absolute shambolic organisation.. the Man will loose

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