I would be better off on benefits than working like I do now

May 14, 2012

In my job depsite inflation, petrol prices soring and the general cost of living the current government made the decision to put a pay freeze on my job for the next 3 years and dramatically increase my pension contributions. i was struggling to get by anyway especially paying £330 i already pay to CSA.

I worked over Christmas and New year solidly often working 16-18 hrs then having 3 hrs sleep then back in again. This affected my home life my health but i needed to do it so that i could provide for my family. February saw me cut my daily hrs to about 14 but i was working 6-7 day weeks just to get by… The way my job pays its overtime is often two months behind…

CSA then decided that a review was due on the money i was paying…. i was already paying £330 for a child i dont think is mine. A review was done and they looked at the overtime i was working and stated that i should pay £500 a month…. i was gob smacked… without overtime my basic wage is £2200 a month… my mortgage is £1100…. council tax and other outgoings bring my total expenture to £1700 thats not including food or supporting for the child that lives with me. With the potential £500 deduction that leaves £0 to feed me, my partner and child let alone paying for nappies and clothes.

Now if i was on benefits i would have a free house, no council tax or utility bills be entitled to child benefits and generally be less stressed out, finacially stable and be able to spend time with my family. What is the incentive of working so hard as my health is suffering as is my family…. just because CSA want me to support a child that isnt mine… and the more hours i work to get by the more money they want!!!!!!!!!!


  • chall says:


    Quote; “because CSA want me to support a child that isnt mine”.

    You should have been given the opportunity to deny parentage when the agency initially contacted you.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Carol says:

    If you doubt paternity of your child then you should get a test done.

    It is quite bad in today’s society that financially you are better off not working. The CSA are only interested in what they bring in.

    I was told by the CSA that if my partner gave up work to look after our youngest as the CSA were taking so much off he came home with less than what the nursery fees were they would see that as evading paying maintenance and keep any assessment in place!! So although we have tried to do what is best for our family this stupid Agency think different!

    The bad thing aswell with CSA and your outgoings they do not take into account any debt/loans/credit cards you may have.

  • jay. says:

    I was told by the csa that “proving an nrp has given up work, to evade cs payments” is difficult to prove, so too expensive to take to court, call it their bluff carol and do what is best for your family, not what they tell you to do.

    This guy above you need DNA testing done if you think the child isn’t yours, see your mp asap. The more MPs are complained to, the mote likely they are to realise how shit the csa are.

  • chall says:

    It may well be difficult “proving an nrp has given up work, to evade cs payments” , never the less legislation does provide that an assessment can continue to be effective if this is the case.

    It’s a risky gamble and could create thousands of pounds worth of arrears IF it did happen.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • jay. says:

    I’m only going by what the csa told me on numerous occasions, I’m a pwc and my ex a hopper, he quits jobs then goes on benefits, no arrears outstanding as it takes 12 weeks to assess employment from the inland revenue. I closed my case as nearly 8 years of fight and phonecalls I give up. My husband tho because he is honest hounded for thousands on a claim he never knew existed until 15 years later and csa stalling the mp for answers as they have assessed him to high, csa words, but not the deo!!!

  • jay. says:

    * but won’t drop deo!

  • Carol says:

    It seems that the CSA chop and change what they say to each person! Financially we would be better off my partner not working. He’s bringing home £400 and nursery is £600!!! Don’t need to be a Professor in maths there do you?!

    Jay your case sounds the same as mine. 11 years I tried to get maintenance and gave up and also withdrew my case. Now with partner who is being chased for maintenance for 15 year old daughter he never even knew his ex had claim in!! Push your MP to get a Senior Executive Manager in to have a face to face meeting. that’s the stage we are at, eventually and your MP has the power to do this.

  • Kieran's childs mother says:

    Oh don’t worry he has been offered one on numerous occasions, I’ve written the full story on this lying person on his other thread and can’t really be bothered to write it again. I will do a DNA test tomorrow Kieran just set it up. Why are you so reluctant to do one? Is it because you know he is yours and this would mean you will have to take full responsibility?

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