I work for the CSA and I had someone’s house seized

July 22, 2010

This was added as a comment to this post, but we just had to put it on the website as a post in its own right. Please feel free to let us, and Susan (who works for the CSA), know what you think in the comments below – CSAhell.com staff

I happen to work for the CSA.

Flint – have you ever heard of the saying that it is better to keep your mouth shut and have the world think you are an idiot than to open it and confirm everybody’s suspicions?

As regards working without paying – we will catch up with you in the end. And then you will have to pay. Before you say that debts can’t be enforced after 6 years – wrong – this debt will go to your estate once you die.

House seizures are a reality now – not a myth. I know that because I made a referral for one which was taken.

As for self employed directors who claim minimum wage PAYE and then pay themselves in dividends to avoid paying maintenance – you will have a rather nasty shock when there is a massive bill sent your way following a variation or departure for dividend income and/or lifestyle inconsistencies.

My best result so far? A gentleman who claimed he earned not a penny but paperwork summoned from his accountant including his tax return showed he earned over £50,000 a year. What happened to him? He’s now got a criminal record.

The fact is that we attempt to be fair, but if there is deliberate avoidance then there is every reason for hardball treatment.

So, flint, be ready for that knock on the door from the bailiffs.


  • martin dell says:

    karl if the bossy one comment s or threat is true
    all the evidence you need to destory it is on this page

  • paul roberts says:

    Dear Mr & MRS CSA and to all the people against this group… I would just like to raise something which i believe is a valuable point, some families stay together they have children and the children live with both their parents till they grow up and seek lives of their own, and some of these families are pennyless and classed as being in poverty, all these parents can offer these kids is love, affection and their time which is the only thing a child really wants from their Mum and Dad. Child benifit, Tax Credits and a host of other benefits ensure that these kids eat and have a roof over their heads, I am so sick of all the talk of loving your kids with money, money is the evil which consumes our lives, rules our world, makes the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, we dont need to give money to prove we love our children, we just need to give them our time, read a bedtime story, give them a hug or take them for a walk in the woods impart your wisdom upon them and give them a gift that will last a lifetime and leave them in good stead for their future. Giving huge sums of money to someone else will not and does not prove your love for a child and never will. Love is in your heart not in your wallet.

    Paul Roberts

  • convenientwallet says:

    @ The Bossy One

    Your opinions, which were complete tosh anyway, became shamefully redundant when you started slutting your own website. I mean, there’s low, there’s a snakes belly and then there’s you. Abandoning any decency or humanity for the sake of, what is essentially, blood money. I could easily attempt an adult approach to this and expose you for the disgusting shit you are, but you don’t deserve my time, you scumbag. So, fuck you.

  • paul roberts says:

    We will win against this barbaric agency because we are good people with the law on our side, we have not commited any crimes against any people, the country or its government, we were put in this situation by the hand of another and are be…ing punished for this without a fair trial or even the right to speak and be heard, our privacy has been shattered and we have been subjected to mental torture from the day the first CSA letter dropped onto our door mats, we are humans and not exempt from the rights of every other human being on this plannet just because our families fell apart. We are not here to be an endless supply of money, we are here to care for the ones we love, does the govenment concider a poor person unable to love their children? No, so why are we branded in this mannor? The CSA break many of our rights to live as human beings and I say we take them back!!!

  • paul roberts says:

    Here are our Human Rights set out by the European Courts for Human Rights 1998…The right to life l Freedom from torture, inhuman and degrading treatment l Freedom from forced labour l Right to Liberty l Fair trial l l Retrospective penalties l Privacy l Freedom of conscience l Freedom of expression l Freedom of assem…bly l Marriage and family l Freedom from discrimination l First Protocol

  • Paul Roberts says:

    I am still bloody angry at this womans comment, can I just present a fact about “I had someones house seized” Your ego may think you had someones house taken from them but I am afraid the CSA DO NOT HAVE THIS POWER, you merely refurred the case to the courts who took the Mans house from him. CSA Civil Servants have absolutely no power what so ever to do anything, get off your power trip you are nothing more than an admin assisitant on £13.5k a year Which is a perfectly decent job but not one which gives you any of the powers you lot seem to think you have, the House of Lords has constantly turned down applications from CMEC to have powers granted to CSA Case Workers however the HOuse of Lords has deemed it irrisposible to put such powers in the hands of Civil Servants who may abuse the powers and are not suitably trained or competent to weild such a weopon. Even the Government thinks you couldnt handle any power.

    You really are a low life no-mark.

  • convenientwallet says:

    @ Paul

    You’re absolutely right. The lot of them are delusional. I was in court recently because of those bastards. The CSA rep I conversed with beforehand was STILL threatening me with a house seizure AND prison. The Judge did neither. He actually went as far as to say, and I quote, ‘(seizing my house) would be draconian’.

    So you see, CSA halfwits, you most definately aren’t all that. But I guess you all sleep like fucking babies at night. Makes me sick.

  • lyn says:

    Dear Bossy One (I wonder why you call yourself this)?

    How dare you comment that I am taking money that is owing to children.

    Let me tell you I completed my A levels, went to Uni. Have a fantastic job that my is at least 3 times more than my ex partners so therefore I paid for his children while their mother sat on her arse claiming benefits.

    It was me who took the children on at least 3 holidays and guess what Mammy took them nowhere but treated herself to holidays with her friends.

    It was me who gave the children treats not their mother.

    It was me the children came to crying when mammy had different men in her home beating her up and allowing the children to see this.

    Now better still I also paid through my taxes for her jailbird Son who is serving time in prison. My taxes are going towards his keeps in jail while my ex partner was treated like the real criminal.

  • charlie says:

    The main problem with defending a liability order it would seem falls on the farley case were the law lords state that magistrates can’t question csa figures this reported case came out middle of 2006 a few week before the national audit office report into the csa stated csa got wrong 20% of the assesments. I feel sure if the law lords had been aware of N /A report they wouldn’t have given CSA the green light on all their figures or would they?
    I have paid CSA up until youngest child was 19, and due to tribunal hearing which turned into a departures hearing where chairwoman stated payslips for the dates she requested were false, even thought this was supported by p60 etc. since then all commisioners/ judges/ and court of appeal judges are interested in is the law. and have no interest in facts or justice, they will suport each other’s judgement without the need to reveiw and take what a tribunal chaiperson thought over inland revenue facts.CSA will force more unfair and in my veiw down right inaccurate figures through mag courts/ tribunals why because they can, and they get away with it. I feel sure that most father want to pay / take responsibility for their children but the figures used must be right. and clear to understand.

  • charlie says:

    As a side issue could it be that now govenment are looking to save money and in some cases cutting jobs in the civil service. that the real pessure is on csa people to keep their jobs.Being as it costs around 70p in every pound they get in some csa workers may feel the cold wind of the dole them sleeves and in many case’s being out of work causes many family break ups, not wishing that on anyone.
    The claim that 3.5 billion is owes up absent fathers is a figure talked up by leaders of the then quango CSA to justify keeping it going and dumb politions who fell for it, over 50% of claimed amount can’t be recovered.
    Their are very few specialists in this field of law that an ordinary person can afford or find, even if you win you claim against CSA you will have a hard time getting your costs back.

  • lyn says:


    With regards to the Farley case this did nothing for my ex partner. His Solicitor prepared the papers for court and advised the court that should they proceed with the liability order whilst my partner was still disputing his case would be wrong as quoted by Lord Berkenhead.

    CSA claimed he owed over £36,000 then reduced this to £29,000 got him to court so quick (within 1 month). The Judge was horrified when she read his case and told the CSA representative that they could not make him homeless. The Farley case meant nothing as their Representative said whilst he may not owe this debt we do not have to accept 3rd party information. He left his employer in 2005 and his employer sent a letter to the CSA to say he had left. They refused to take this letter in account and continued clocking up the salary until 2010. He did noth have a leg to stand on. Paid almost £10,000 on legal fees. To be honest they are all in on it. Solicitors and CSA. The Judge granted them the liability order on the condition they allow my partner an appeal. The appeal papers arrived 2 days after the court hearing and guess what 4 days after that they got their Liability order. Did not even wait for for the appeal papers from my ex partner.

    Better still less than 3 weeks after the liability order they got their charging order and he is now forced to sell his house to pay his ex wife who sits on her arse, claims benefits all her life, has been paid by another ex husband for an arranged marriage and has a lovely Son serving time in Prison for stabbing a man!!!!

    My ex partner has always paid for his children and we have been so good with them. Its all down to a very selfish woman who cannot move on and doesnt want her ex husband to have a life.

  • John says:

    Can’t wait for a CSA worker to have their house repossesed, when they lose their job and can’t pay their mortgage! Coming your way anytime soon!

  • not amused says:

    Finally, I never said DAD’s! 40% of our client base are men. I said NON RESIDENT PARENT. Big difference. This isn’t about gender in the slightest. If it was about a mother not paying for her child, I mean the exact same thing!

    your statement is incorrect and i am a women with step kids to and with the DAD as you put it who has paid 165’000.00 to a bitch who wanted to live mortage free as a maintainance settlement and also paid her 250 per month which she asked for she no longer feels this is enough so has gone to the csa……who is now asking for an order on his wages and because of the amount will not be able to meet his mortgage payments….. so she lives mortagage free and now he will lose his house that he had to remortagage for her……she stopped him seeing his children 3 months ago which he saw 35 hours one week and 28 hours the other, in order to secure more csa we have taken this to court ….more money but a small price in order to see his children who he absolutley adores. and because she has done this he can only see them for a matter of hours to bed the children back in so no over night stays !!! i think the csa are potentially good for fathers like my children father who dont want to pay and go self employed and get away with it like he has 2.50 per week is shocking but thats all they told me they could get as he has declared a very low income although his life style shows different !!!!! CSA have proven they dont want to chase self employed parents as its hassle i had to go through ICE in order for the CSA to acknowledge me after 3 years !!!! i was compensated but that is not the point, CSA have proven if a parent works for a limited company they will chase him quite aggressivley and are clearly not interested in what he has provided for his family in order for them to live finacially free from mortagage and debt, i cconsider this wrong and an absolute farce as CSA claim to help those who cant make the parent take any responsibility i see it as they clearly penilize those that do, CSA need to be shut down as the parents that can avoid paying for there children through loop holes do so no point in the CSA really is there !
    A quick comment on the i seized a house….its not something id bragged about and after being involved in both sides of the CSA i think the kind of things you should be bragging about is how you made a difference to a parent obviously playing the system and made it right…..thats job satisfaction .

  • Gordon Clifton says:

    Comment to the Bossy One 12 Jan 11

    Just thought I’d let you know that the battle I mentioned in my first post goes on. The battle is to ensure that he person I’m helping pays only what he properly has to pay, not to get out of paying anything.

    The case has now moved to the Independent Case Examiner. Why? Because, as someone in the CSA finally admitted, the people dealing with the case were not competent to answer the questions. So they pushed it into the complaints procedure. They were not qualified to resolve matters either and suggested I went to the ICE.So there we have it – incompetent people handing off a mess of their own making to an independent person. Once we have the binding opinion of the ICE we will then start a campaign to bring the incompetents to book. Why? Because as a taxpayer I object to paying for unaccountable idiots making a misery of someone’s life and gettting away with it.

  • marco657 says:

    funny thing about all this i have been on both sides and i say the csa suck for about 5 years i was paying csa about 800 a month and still buy my 2 girls all there needs then one day ex dump me girls on me witch ant a prob i love them to death but when it comes to me clamingt trouble back from csa from the ex its a difrent story nothink but trouble and they dont even look into it i get about 30 a month of me ex she works full time i no this for a fact should be alot more than this but guess what dont work like that and i got sort of an answer of them a while back its because i am a male so guess what you csa are bunch sexest c..t one sided coin fliping wankers

  • Brian says:

    A very shocking comment/rant by that CSA worker.

  • J J Man says:

    What all of you don’t understand is that CSA is just a cover name for the Government. The process of extracting money from people is regardless of your gender but it is easier to convince women that when they split up with their men the csa will help and all the stiupid women will suckup to this not knowing that all they will end up with is an extra £20 on top of what they earn the clever women will see through the scum and not involve kids in what went wrong with their relationship. Honestly in the united kingdom today how can a child go hungry?

  • John says:

    I offered my ex partner and still do regularly offer her a significant weekly sum, she has the house we bought, with mother and sister happily residing.

    I nearly had her agreement to a private agreement but someone, probably the CSA advised her to hang on for arrears…

    i refuse to pay a third party with regard anything to do with my son, i do not answer to them and she keeps refusing, they did one DEO on me once and I left the company, now i just go ltd then fold the companies, no accounts, i gave her one last chance to accept a private agreement but she u turned again, so im now in thailand, and will continue to work offshore etc.. until she agrees as I will not pay a third party especially when they treat every person as a criminal, nevermind that I contacted them in the first instance!!! They even have tried to charge me a default amount from when i wasnt in the country, oh you should have told us!!! theyre just crooks, and will be disbanded before long.
    I dont really care I have put the money away for my son and will get him his own flat when hes 18 so hecan escape the three witches…
    he gets everything he needs from me every time I have him,ieven had to buythe school blazer cap etc.. then she still pushes for CSA
    the thing is its greed, she would have had approx 30k over the last five years, instead because of her insistence on CSA and being greedy shes probably had about 2k…….up to her!!! even if i have to start paying soon which i wont, as i have a new wife who i will work for limited company and pay myself minmum wage, house in her name etc…, I am still quids in, and my sonwill get the mon ey directly, notfund an easy life for his mum and sisters…CSA back off….you wont get me!!!!

  • jb says:

    i dont want to swear but its hard not to. I paid everything i was asked for and more for my children… i became self employed and provided all the information required. then out of the blue i got a letter saying that because of a clerical error i was in arrears… which they wanted to reclaim at an impossible rate. the recession hit and my dad died after a short illness. I just couldnt pay and i couldnt deal with the phone calls during my dads illness. my ex husband expected eighty pounds a week which i just didnt have as a result not only did i have the csa on my back but also harassment from my ex.. I was actually called scum on the phone by an operator from the csa. I gave the business up and now work part time supported by a new partner. I m in court this week. I cant afford legal representation and the only upside is i dont own a house or anything of any value. My ex after 10 years still cant get over the split and the csa is just a tool for him to carry on the abuse he started 25 years ago, He says he wants my money but what he really wants is my misery. The single dads i know just love the role of victim with the terrible mother who left her children. Yes support the children.. but how many pwc want it all ways? they want rid of the person but not the wage packet.

  • jb says:

    oh yes and here is another shock… mother s you really get my goat..You wont work you winge and bitch when the ex moves on… you have more pricks than a second hand dartboard and then sit there with yur hands held outl Get off your fat arses and get a job yourselves you lazy cows.

  • jb says:

    Hey JIohn hope it works out for you!!
    to The bossy one….. user names are little adverts. We use them sometimes to tell people about ourselves. We dont know you from adam but you want us to know out of all your personality traits that your are bossy. Im not sure if you realise this but bossiness (not sure if that is a word) is not a nice personality trait.the fact that you seem proud of it tells us all we need to knwo.

  • Susan says:

    I had a child with my ex boyfriend and she wasn’t planned but I decided to have her anyway, he is a very flaky guy, a complete waste of space and I had one payment from him through the CSA then he quit his job. She is 4. As I wasn’t married, am in my thirties and although it takes two to tango, I knew he was flaky but still went ahead. My point is if your children were planned and you were married, then yes he should stop moaning and pay but in my position I have given up asking him for anything at all because he always says the usual I have no money, so rather than spend the next 14 yrs begging him for money, we’ll have to make do with clothes or whatever when we get them from him. I live 4 hours from him so we only see him once a month anyway. I will look after my daughter myself and she will know it and disrespect her dad for being a loser that’s good enough for me, he’ll have to live with that as long as he is out of my life i’m happy, the CSA keeps you connected in rows of money for years. If you are in my situation, give up and just think how lucky you are to have your baby/babies full time.

  • Brian says:

    What a bloody mess of emotions this all is. Reading all this is enough to drive anyone to suicide. Which we all know is very true in some cases highlighted on the news about how the CSA conducts itself.

    I’ll bet all your local MPs sleep well knowing that you the constituents are bickering amongst yourselves. We have no voice – yet did you all not vote for these arseholes! and into power. The MPs – your local MP enaged with others i.e MP Harriet Harman to kill off men rights and invent this system.

    The CSA system is 100% unfair to NRPs mostly men in most cases. To PWCs it is unfair but in alot of cases extremely pro-active and supportive with huge resources at its reach.

    EVERYONE GET YOUR MP involved!! NO matter what.
    Regardless send them a copy of every letter you send to the CSA.

    Don’t let the MP do nothing! Stand up and get the MP over worked with local CSA cases guaranteed and force the issues directly with higher CSA bods.

    Please pass this message on.
    CSA will only take notice if an MP gets pissed off


  • Carol says:

    I do not know how anyone can support the CSA. They are underhand and very very unfair to absent parents and their 2nd families.

    I have been on both sides of the CSA and frankly it doesn’t work.

    I never received maintenance via the CSA for 11 years.

    Now I am with a man, have another child and he received a bill for £39,000+. CSA do not take into account living expenses and only look at tax and national insurance and say you can afford the rest. Well people’s lives dictate they need some money to live on.

    For single parents in alot of ways life is not bad. You have your wage if you work, tax credits, family allowance, help with childcare. If you don’t work you get benefits help with housing costs etc.

    For the absent parent and their 2nd families we are constantly threatended with house getting orders put over it, tax credits for our children based on our circumstances used as income, assets seized.

    In reality here we are talking about an absent parent having to pay mainteanance. Why are they treated like criminals if they dont? What benefit is it to the taxpayer the CSA being in place? The taxpayer is getting nothing back whatsoever. People on benefits now I believe get to keep maintenance. THe Agency is the biggest waste of time and the money spent here would be better off going to NHS.

    The CSA is a joke

  • wayne says:

    I’m a paying dad getting fleeced by the csa had a private arangment with the ex but she wanted to involve csa she wanted to see if she could get more money you bossy one its people like with your sad bitchy opinions that make nrps hate you you across to me as a twisted piece of shit bunnyboiler or a total man hater the csa go

  • Gemma says:

    Annoyed that the CSA took the father’s word about his salary. I know for a fact that he earns in excess of 60K a year plus bonus’s and cash under the table. He provided payslips to state a lower amount but his best mate is the companies finance director so it was easy for him to commit fraud. I also worked for the company and so did my best mate. She was the owners PA and head of HR, she has confirmed to me that his salary was 54K but has had several pay rises and bonuses since then. How can I get the CSA to get the correct info from the Inland Revenue and other sources?!

  • Shaxxx says:

    Here’s my little story, I split with my ex because she was having an affair so like most men would I left, after going to court at a cost to myself of almost £7,000 and a useless barrister I decided to do it all myself.
    The first 3 court dates she never arrived, the 4th she was late and the 5th I basically got parental responsibility. Oh she got legal aid by the way.
    After a yrs of me traveling 60 miles every weekend for my son she just stopped everything dead and been a cow ever since.
    The CSA got involved and bang my world came crashing in! I apparently owed £5000 which then went up to £9,000 then down to £2,000 and now finally at £6,000, I paid a decent amount of my wages leaving me nothing spare at all, I also had a few health problems because I almost lost my mother and I was out of work for about six months but they continued to build arrears of around £300 a month.
    Jump forward a few yrs and after getting made redundant about 2yrs ago I struggled for work so I took a job doing security at a local Uni but it’s only casual and I’m to the bone financially, I was paying £10 a week from a wage of around £108 but now I earn on average £110 a week they are taking £36.57p leaving the exact amount I would get on Jobseekers. I know some on here will laugh that I even waste my time with such a small amount of money and that I work 12hrs a week to earn what I would on dole.
    I have to travel to work, feed myself, travel 60 miles every other week to get my son then take him back all on £72 that they think I can live on! Im honestly at appoint where I just can’t pick my son up anymore so I get to see him once every 4weeks.
    I’m honestly at a point of desperation that I can not take much longer, they are destroying my relationship with my son and destroying my will to live.

  • Carly says:

    Shaxxx, your post almost had me in tears – I really do feel for you – it’s tragic! Your ex should be ashamed of herself. Please don’t give up.

    The CSA are a law unto themselves, unfortunately. Good fathers and mothers (NRPs) who love their children dearly and who are willing to pay and who do pay for them are the ones who the CSA seem to target. Without any proof whatsoever from the RP, the CSA believe what they are told and then go after the NRP like a shark smelling blood. There doesn’t seem to be any fairness at all and the NRP is treated like a criminal – almost as if the CSAs default position is that the NRP is guilty until proven innocent! The sooner they are brought to account the better.

    Good look to all good and decent NRPs who are in the situation where their Ex’s and the CSA are taking the P !

  • Sophie says:

    i have just got marred to find out my husband has the bailiffs after him for not paying CSA dose that make me reliable for my property to be taken as we are now marred?

  • j says:

    House seizures are a reality now – not a myth. I know that because I made a referral for one which was taken.

    In other words you are responsible for making someone homeless and it sounds as though you are gloating about it. Of course we need to moderate our comments on an open forum so I will not say what I really think about scum like you. My own personal opinion is that you will surely die a slow, painful and horrible death and spend the rest of eternity stoking the boilers in the place where the chap with the pointy stick does his business. One day your whole organisation will have to face its reckoning. Before any of you say you were ‘just doing your jobs’ just remember thats what the guards at auschwitz said.

  • Eric says:

    Don’t know if anyone is still using this but here’s my little rant.

    Paid privately to the ex who walked out on me with my son for another guy (who earned more). After frustrated contact I told her to go through the CSA in 2006 as I could no longer deal with her. I paid voluntarily and never missed a payment. My son turned 19 in Jun 2012 and the CSA said to cancel my direct debit. As his birthday was mid June I expected a final payment request from them but received a refund for overpayment. 7 months later ( after closure) they have contacted me saying that I owe them around £200. Paltry I know but if I owed them this money why did they not say at the time. I have always paid my way and now am getting threats of a DEO due to their mistake. I took the money in good faith. It’s always those who have paid their way that get chased and threatened with punishment. It’s about time that they actually chased after those who actively avoid payment.

  • kay says:

    I am fascinated by the anger towards the CSA who only are trying to do a very difficult job. My Ex has not paid for his children for over 18 months now. we origionally had a consent order attached to the divorce, he paid for a while but stopped. I applied to the CSA and my claim was effective from November last year. I have not recieved a payment yet and just been told it has been passed to the criminal investigation unit- good. Men who refuse to financially support their children should be pursued and lose their homes! I know it can seem like a lot of money but its a fraction of the costs of bringing a child up. My child care bill ( so I can work to pay the mortgage, bills etc) is twice the amount my ex should pay. He had them 6 days in the first year we seperated , probably just to impress his new woman and her family, that all dropped off rapidly, no support at half term or summer holidays . I could rant on….. non payers get everything they deserve and more and employers who help them are disgusting

  • Bazza. says:

    What about the women whose ex’s refuse to pay for their children, are they not culpable? My partner has been having on going battles with the CSA for years over her ex HUSBAND not paying the amount the CSA have requested he pay. He now is pulling a fast one with his boss who is his best mate. He works as a heavy goods vehicle driver and is out at all times driving. He sent in his payslips to the CSA and the CSA deem that he only needs to £9 a week A heavy goods driver? Do me a favour ffs. There is a man who is relinquishing his responsibilities. Added to that is the fact that he only lives a mile up the road and hasn’t seen his kids for the last 9 years. What was it Don Corleone said? “A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.” And before I am jumped on. Let’s not forget, my partner’s ex has had all the opportunity to spend time with his kids. he chooses not to. Any decent help with this would be appreciated.

  • isabella says:

    my ex hasnt paid a penny for his two sons,he has always had a well paid job,because he was violent at the time of our break up i had to seek refuse for my family and when asked by the authoritys if i wanted to get maintenance or if i felt it was to cause trouble to my family ,i was worried because my ex still knew where my mum lived so i didnt want to pursue maintenance,however 20 odd years later when i discovered where my ex was living,even though he ex directory on phones and electoral register,the child support agency said they cant do anything now???What a example ,be violent and get away with your reasponsibilities,he got plenty of money its a disgrace!also the police let him get away with a serious crime,i had to run because they couldnt protect us,police still not dealt with him correctly and he got away with loads,he not learnt his lesson and this all affected my familys lifes ,that we still suffering now! ex should be made to pay!!!

  • Sarah says:

    So what, my ex hasn’t volunteered a single penny for his 2 year old and he rarely sees him. When he does he steals the nappies I’ve sent and sends his clothes back stained (he is supposed to have him 4 hours a week). He has laughed in my face about the fact he doesn’t pay. He asked me to cancel csa so he could pay a lesser amount (that he says he can afford) privately- directly to my bank account. I cancelled and then he didn’t put the money in. He has been violent and abusive. He quits his job as soon as the csa find him now and starts another one.
    So my question is, to all these parents who are against csa…. Do I not deserve csa from this useless father?
    I have stated many times that I would take half of the amount csa wanted if we sorted out a private arrangement. He won’t do it. Why should he walk around in brand new pairs of trainers buying cars and designer clothes whilst I solidly save for six months for Christmas?
    He has lied repeatedly to the csa and outright refused to pay, so the arrears have stacked up. Surely this is his own fault and he has no right to start complaining that csa are idiots for taking so much money (to include his arrears).
    To those men that brag about not paying for kids- you’re a disgrace.
    I am a reasonable woman, I have told him countless times that if he was a good dad and supported me, helped me take care of him, saw him for a decent amount of time that I wouldn’t want csa. I’ve also told him that I will take a standing order of £60 per month and not go through csa. He’s refused everything so csa want £200 a month from him not including arrears.
    I have not received a payment yet but am hoping to within the next month as csa have recently got his wage slips from his employer.

    What is so wrong with that guys? Why shouldn’t I claim?!

  • >