How do you avoid paying the CSA?

March 2, 2010

Starting new job. How do I not pay CSA? Or pay really low £5.

P.S. any fans of PWC jog on. I dont care what you have to say. Any people talking about morals or being a good dad… bla bla bla
Jog on. Did all that, got me no where just in debt.

So ill say again how do I avoid not paying CSA? Maybe when I go to work use a friend’s national insurance number? Ask a friend to open a bank in his name?.

Any comments relating to avoiding CSA please, nothing else.


  • Guest says:

    Mate I’m a nrp and this is utter shite. No matter what you spout I agree cms are shit with how they deal with things but you are just saying you are number one . Not your own children . You don’t want to pay for your kids and that gives us dads who DO pay for their kids upkeep and lives a bad name .

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