I work for the CSA and I care about my job and the effect it has

February 12, 2016

I’ve previously submitted 2 good news stories about the CSA. I agree that although the laws and regulations put in place by our goverment and the DWP (not the CSA itself) aren’t perfect, there are some people such as myself who work for the agency who do care about their jobs and the affect it has on people’s lives. I myself am disgusted by some of the stories on here, made ever more so of the fact that I pay child support myself. The fact that people have been treated this way by some of my collegues is awful. This being the case, the CSA cannot be blamed for action taken(such as deduction from earnings orders) that arise from general non-compliance.

Yet I see no mention of any of the stories I’ve submitted.

You state that “CSAhell.com features daily news and stories about the CSA, with comments and advice from both sides of the coin”.

I see now that this is not the case and that it is people and websites like this that distract from some of the good work that dedicated induviduals do and why the CSA is reviled as it is today.


  • m p stewart says:

    Any news that has csa in the sentence is not good news, You are a complete cunt and need to take your fucking blinkers off you moronic cockwomble

  • Jason says:

    2 good stories!!! You think thats gonna out weigh all the lives and family’s csa/Cms have ruined pffft moron

  • Andy says:

    Ding-Dong The CSA is dead…

    Or they would be if they stop badgering PWC’s to take on the CMS. My ex was contacted by them and they were doing their best to persuade her to go through the CMS when the case closes on the 29th of this month. They threw everything at her, about constant re-evaluations to make sure I’m paying as much as possible, claiming that they’ll immediately put me on DEO if I have even a few pence of arrears so that I can’t get out of paying… and there was me thinking they were supposed to be encouraging private arrangements.

  • Rosie says:

    I personally can not praise CMS enough. They did a good job indeed. My ex who was avoiding paying child maintenance for over a year has finally DEO in place. When I begged him to pay the minimum, he only laughed at my face saying ” catch me if you can”. The CMS eventually did. He is losing 40% of his net income and will continue for another 9 months. People says that CMS is a joke, well my ex is no laughing now, so I guess he is not seeing the funny side of it anymore. But I do. Well done CMS.

  • N. O'connor says:

    Well i have a story for you Mr or mrs csa advisor
    My issue’s are as follows.
    I was made to pay arrears that i made the csa aware of …..yet my EX even though she made the application and i had was just recovering from major spinal surgery i got off my backside back to wrk after 12 weeks , was put under surveillance by DWP ??? They only needed to contact the surgeon but no i was refused income support sick pay housing & council tax lost my flat and in debt.
    Then EX decided she wanted 2yrs of money in 2013 after refusing to reply early 2013 tos CSA as it was then . Late 2013 CMS took over thats when the fun started. My daughter did not fulfil her college obligation and i found out yet DATA PROTECTION all this time building up more arrears being told case worker would be assigned never got to speak never available failed call back arogant attitude of some staff .2014 DOE @40% 6MTHS then normal rate till October 2015 in this time i must of bedn in touch with CMS 2- 8 times a mth telling them my daughter was not in college. But no not interested in the end i lost my temper on the phone got a criminal record now for my disparate attempts to this crippling TAX . Finally in 2015 October i got somewhere and i was right all along my daughter’s mother had stopped receiving child benefit on first week of march 2015 !!!!!! Yet i stil had to pay until November 2015 whike they did their investigation on why it had been missed even though I had made numerous calls & emails. So they gave me £50 compo for the trouble! What about my £400 court appearance that had they listened i would of not lost my temper.no i got a letter of apology then this is DATA PROTECTION AT ITS BEST
    due to this and may i add this does not apply to us dads we dont get IT!!!
    Reason why i say this
    Well not only did they mess up on child benefit stop date they failed to notice my daughter started workingin 2014 August! !!!
    And im still paying arrears off !!!
    Can i get anywhere with all this documented evidence no they ignore lie refuse to forward my complaint. ……yet my reckoning is i paid 6mth at 40%when my 19 yr old child wasin full time employment and a further 8 mths at normal rate
    Hows that for a just system

  • KR 2901 says:

    I struggle to comprehend why somebody from the CSA would feel the need to come on this site and tell us what a great job they do. In the 20 years i have been harrassed by the CSA not one employee has given fair, impartial advice, used common sense, tried to resolve issues in a professional manner. I have had threats, snide comments, lies and a total lack of respect in all dealings. As a NRP you are immediately classed as a danger to them and your kids, you are an easy target and will be screwed to the floor, will have nothing, and i mean NOTHING taken into account about your situation. I am currently being chased for back payments that they claim is for £1,200 a month for one child……A MONTH, my 2nd wife does not earn that in a 40hr job.
    So forgive me if we are not all falling over ourselves to stroke your ego.

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