I won’t pay because my ex refuses to get a DNA test

April 19, 2013

I have been arguing the point with csa as I have been paying child support for a kid that I don’t believe is mine, then they stopped taking money from my wages after I told them I was married and mt wife was diagnoised with cancer we had a son together then my wife died 01/09/2011 then shortly after I had a letter from csa saying they were going to start taking money again and also wanted back pay from when my wife died so I have been arguing with them about it.

As I decided even though I am now a single dad I wanted to continue work I just reduced my hours and my son attends a private nursery whilst im at work. Any way CSA said I needed to take a DNA test through a court appointed company which I agreed to but then I received notification from the company that the mother of the child had told them she refused to take part in it , so I found out from a solicitor about an article on the direct gov website regarding DNA testing and CSA which stated if the parent with sole custody refuses a DNA test then CSA have to close the case and refund all monies paid but when I contacted CSA they of course didn’t agree and said it doesn’t work like that. They said they would contact the mother over it well they got back in touch and said she agreed to take part in DNA testing and they wanted the details of the DNA company which I sent them I never heard anything about dna test, but CSA was still saying out money well I had heard anything from them since arguing the point for 6months till today when CSA phoned and said they had reviewed the amount I need to pay each week which was £21 so I said I wasn’t going to pay as the mother had refused DNA test and I said that in that case CSA has to close case. I said I am trying my best to raise my son to the best of my abilities on my own, the guy said he would look at all the paper work and refer my case to specialist section I said I was sick of them.


  • brett says:

    I really feel for you Ian. You are just one of thousands being walked all over by this shower of shit aka as the CSA.
    Despite being stitched up with over £11,000 of made up arrears and having paid it off, I live in fear every day of the CSA phoning or sending me a brown letter demanding even more money.
    Good luck with your case.

  • Alice says:

    If you accepted paternity at the start of the case but now have doubts that the child is your’s then you will have to apply for a declaration of no-parentage through your local magistrate’s court

  • ian says:

    I have always argued the point over me being the father I said about what happened to innocence till proven guilty I was told you are guilty until you prove other wise I have just received forms for DNA test a different company to what CSA told me last year which the mother refused to take part in but then after csa contacted her last year she agreed to do it but never did but now csa reckons she is willing too do it so we will have to see.i think the government needs to do something about CSA as they seem to make up their own rules as on the direct gov web site it says if the mother of the child refuses DNA test then CSA will close the case but they didn’t seems any woman can go out get pregnant and not know who the father is and blame any guy then csa go after that guy which is wrong I am not named on the childs birth certificate or any thing

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