I watch ex go to work every morning but still I get no money

August 1, 2012

My ex husband was asked to pay £5 a week for two children from 2007 He never paid on a regular basis and waited till the payment reached nearly a £100. Then he may pay. The csa would say they could do nothing as it had to reach £100 pounds before they could do anything.

This went on for another three years. Then default maintenance charge was sent to my ex husband. He was told to pay £40 pounds a week, £20 pounds per child. This never happened.

The case was moved from one team to another. 3 years on in 2011 my ex was taken to court by Debt enforcement csa. He paid his fine but I received nothing even though my £40 pounds a week is still accumulating. Now I am with another team in Belfast. Law enforcement they have had my case since March and nothing is happening I have given all the details to them about my ex husband – He now lives three doors away from me!

So I explained to the csa how I have to watch him go to work everyday! And still receive nothing to help support his children. It is so infuriating 6 years on!!!


  • sarah Briers says:

    Rather than sitting watching your ex toddle off to work get off your backside n get a job your self? Why dont people stand on their own two feet I always have but now I have to work to pay for my husbands ex too!!

  • Christine Hawkins says:

    I myself work full time and support both children solely on my own !! I also paid for my divorce and with the help of my parents paid a £85,000 pound charge on my house which my husband duped me into. Thankfully the law has now changed so this should not happen to any others !! So dont think I wait for my husband to support me !! I think as a parent it is a duty – and I will fight for others who are less fortunate than myself thank YOU for your understanding and valuable response Ms S Briers !

  • sarah Briers says:

    Fight all you like but the children dont benifit we can barely pay our bills thanks to csa taking most of our money usually without warning and my husband can’t afford fuel to visit his sons who don’t get anything either? So tell me why involve them? Just bitter women getting back at the ex rather than being grateful for what they have ie their family with them!

  • Alice says:

    Both the NRP and the PWC are never going to see eye to eye when it comes to the CSA.I understand were you’re coming from but like you have stated Sarah you are paying more money than you can afford and Christine is stating that her ex isnt paying nothing at all.It is very unfair to both of you and even though NRP’s should pay for their children,usually it is the 2nd family who suffer the most .I dont recieve any money from my ex for my son(his stepfather supports him)and my husband pays CS to his ex for his daughter(so he is paying for both families).I would be bloody angry if i saw my ex going to work every day and couldnt pay £5..00 per week. Remember children dont ask to be born and a fairer way of paying CS should be brought in to help both the NRP and the PWC.

  • Christine Hawkins says:

    Hi, Sarah My two sons live with me and always have. My children also visit their father BUT, he chooses not to support them. I feel it is important for them to have a relationship with father and have their own views and Not mine ! I work yes, don’t earn very much – but just enough to get by so YES I understand what its like to not have enough to pay the bills, my children are happy, valued and generous to others even though they don’t have much materially – they do have love and support all around. I’m sorry that you get money taken from the CSA but, your husband must be paying tax so the government and CSA just take it !! My husband hides his earnings so the CSA are not willing to investigate, So children such as mine do without shoes and clothes. As I said earlier, I watch him go to work each day !! Christine

  • chall says:


    Does you OH owe arrears to the CSA?


    Credit to you for not preventing your children access to their father. All too often the lack of CS dictate such.

    Have you made a formal complaint to the CSA?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Sally says:

    I am not defending the NRP here but he, like thousands of other NRP’s have gone down this route because the CSA has set a criteria that is completely unfair!!!

    The PWC have been led to believe (by the CSA) that they are entitled to X amount of money based on that criteria and are upset when the NRP refuses to pay (rightly so, why shouldn’t they get money from the father for bringing up their kids).

    As Alice says, the parents will not agree, however, the CSA destroys relationships between the parents because of their rules and set criteria…. both parents want the best for their kids (more often than not, unfortunately there are some greedy mothers out there and some equally selfish fathers too), but its the breakdown in communication between parents that has allowed the CSA to get away with so much…..

    I believe in Karma Christine so hopefully your ex will pay the price at some point…..

  • Christine Hawkins says:

    Hi, yes my ex does owe money to the csa, he has been to court and was fined for not paying. At the moment my file is with a new accounts dept awaiting another breakdown ! When I ask a clear break down of what? i’m told a vague answer of what he owes (I ask and am given full accumulation figure of what he owes at the beginning of each phone call !) So, this was another great answer from the csa. My case is now with Legal Enforcement in Belfast which is in the Newcastle office, sitting in a draw (was told this), waiting to be looked at once again ! Who do I complain to, who will listen genuinely ? I really don’t know. If anyone can help to put me in the right direction, I would be grateful.

  • karen bedford says:

    Go to your MP and get him/her involved. Good Luck.

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