I was taking my son to see his mother abroad so CSA put a flight restriction on me!

July 1, 2018

Been paying child support for 25 years and had no access in that time,even though I tried.i am in a payment plan for a child I have never seen who is 18 in 2 months..i am in dispute with csa over an outstanding amount,but have always made payments..i have an 8 yr old son in 100 percent my care his mother lives overseas..its important l get them to see eachother when I can,i booked a visit in January when my financeswereok but now that has changed ,had an hernia operation and other issues..i informed csa and agin informed them l was taking my son too see his mum on june 26th 18,my son is so excited and had his bag packed 1 month in advance etc,we get to the airport and border force pull us aside to be handed over to the fed police to be told csa has put a flight restriction on my passport,absolutely devastating my soon he cried himself sick and had to be taken to the doctors..this was disgusting and heartbreaking by the csa,my son is now sick and we don’t know what to do next..we don’t have the money for a lump sum payment..thats why I was in a payment plan.this shouldn’t happen especially where it involves innocent children…please help.


  • David Joseph says:

    Anthony, this is awful and clearly a very difficult time for you and your son. Please drop me an email at [email protected] to discuss your situation further and we will see what can be done to help you.

    Kind regards

  • Funny how easy it was for CSA and Family Part Courts to allow my children to be kidnapped by their Mother never to see them again until they were each 18+.
    CSA and their mom kidnapped my kids. Now what type of relationship do we have , little to none. She took them New Jersey to California.
    I hope young fathers take heed to the unthinkable acts that CSA can allow

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