I was pleased at first…

May 22, 2014

I’m in the odd position of being really pleased when the CSA first contacted me in December 2012. I had been through the frustration of asking (through solicitors) the resident parent for a paternity test and being repeatedly refused by her solicitors (on one occasion because she was certain of “maternity”).

I foolishly believed the CSA rep when she assured me there was no way that I would be made to pay anything without a paternity test.

However, I then received a letter saying that the CSA can decide paternity on its own and that I would have to pay up or finance my own action to force a paternity test. Finance I didn’t have before the CSA called let alone once they started taking from me.

Roll forward to today and I’m called by a young rep for an assessment to make sure I’m paying the correct amount. I was probably a bit over the top given past experiences but insisted on knowing her full name and office location and informed her that if she lied to me in any way I would immediately initiate an action for misconduct in a public office against her and confirmed that she understood this and that the call was being recorded.

After going through my case she went to senior colleagues to ask why I hadn’t been given the paternity test – turns out that their internal mail is so slow that the form where I ask for one didn’t get to the right department until a day after the cut-off.

The rep then reported that they are happy to pass my case to the “complex cases team” but first I need to get a letter from the Family Courts stating that I “have the right to a DNA test” but that apparently this is a standard letter and is free – so I shouldn’t have to find money for solicitors.

When I called the local family court enquiry desk I was told that they have no idea what I’m talking about and need to get a solicitor – getting desperate I asked if I could open a case as a litigant in person and they’ve now suggested that I approach the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Has anyone else been through this process and have any suggestions?


  • jo says:

    Can I ask if the pwc (your ex) has refused a dna test with the csa?

    When csa contacted you did you deny parentage? If you did csa should have offered you a test from the beginning and they supercede any court ruling when a case is opened with them. I would see your mp and get one point of contact with the csa and please give up in ringing them, always send a recorded letter to keep a paper trail because as you are now aware call reps haven’t a clue. Might be worth speaking to Nacsa or csa rip offs on facebook to get better advice.

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