I was given a three-month limit but I’m still waiting

November 29, 2013

Hello, I’m a single mum with three children. I was having issues with the father of my children regarding their maintenance. He would deduct money from the maintenance when he felt like it so I eventually got to a point where I’d had enough and thought I would go through csa to help me get what is rightfully for my children.

It seemed like a very straightforward case and was given a 3 month limit for all paperwork etc to be sorted out. However 4 months later I am still waiting for the first payment to be put into my account, I am really furious at the fact that it is taking so long to get the maintenance for my children and given the fact it is close to Christmas I don’t know when and if I will be able to buy them presents this year.

They had to start the school year without the maintenance money and they are in need of winter clothing amongst other things. I am really disgusted at how such a straightforward case is taking so long to get sorted out and I’m wondering if coming through the csa was a big mistake!


  • Richie says:

    get a job and buy them yourself then …

  • jo says:

    You shouldn’t rely on maintenance soley and csa do state this….but shame on your ex if he’s being an arse, do you have contact with him or has going to the csa caused more of a break down?

    Csa should take 12 weeks but that’s if the
    nrp is being compliant or if they’ve even bothered to look at your case if it’s become difficult. Write to them to find out what’s causing the hold up, I’d advise that you never ring them.

    Are you also getting everything you are entitled to where you shouldn’t have to rely on your ex?

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