I was doing just as they said and it still went wrong

March 19, 2014

I was paying maintance via standing order to my ex through the csa and was told to pay what they said till told other wise which I did every week on a Thursday when id been paid.

About 6 yrs ago they rang me and said I was about 400 in arrears as I hadn’t changed the payment my argument at the time was well you never told me too , theyre basic response was well you should’ve changed payment and how would you like to pay it. My respone being swing for it youre mistake you sort it .

After lots of arguing and a few choice words they threatened me with prison , take my passport and allsorts and eventually said we will do a deduction of earnins which they have donce since 2008.

My daughter left college on the 27th of November 2013 but her mum never told the CSA or the childbenefit that she had left and continued to claim both up until the 6th of January this year to whit she was defrauding the child benefit as well as ripping me off, which I have reported to the child benefit fraud team who are investigating it.

Then today I received a letter from the CSA saying I have arrears of £8673.23 as I have only been paying according to them since march last year and are now going too stop me £603.27 a month instead of the £76.20 I have been paying since 2008 please helppppppppp!


  • Lisa says:

    Bolton office are notorious for mistakes fraud and errors, they couldn’t organise a piss up in a pub if their lives depended on it, let’s hope all cases are closed down this year, this agency is not fit for purpose and never will be

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