I want to pay for my kids, but not that much!

December 6, 2012

The csa are taking 340 from my wages each month after they looked at my wages without me knowing and decided to assess me on my over time!! i have 3 kids with my ex partner who makes it difficult for me to see my kids. she is on the dolw and doesn’t pay rent or council tax, or even school dinners!! i am married to someone else and bringing up 5 kids and i have massive debts with baliffs each month for council tax and my rent is very high, i am struggling to put food on the table let alone pay the bills, debts amd the csa. i want to pay for my 3 kids but 340 a month??

The csa have not taken in to a count what i pay…rent coucil tax etc even though the women i am paying 340 a month too does not need to pay rent etc. i want to reduce my csa so i can feed my family and keep the roof over our heads, a roof i pay for unlike my ex which the housing benefit pay for her roof!!! please help me.


  • carol says:

    This system is just utter evil. CSA should only take their cut AFTER ALL living expenses.

    I feel for you and every other parent going through this…you have a right to live and not be vindicated for a relationship failure…..I only wish I could help but MPs and courts are all in the same club, so they wont help either.

    Saddens and maddens me to my very core…all of it.

  • John says:

    I also want to provide for my child, but what I do object to, is being embroiled in a shambolic, not fit for purpose system, that attempts to criminalise and persecute nrp’s (usually fathers).

    What happens between parents and children does not lend itself well to interference from the state. I don’t expect the taxpayer to pick up the tab for my children, nor do I expect to be bullied and brow beaten, by incompetent oafs at the CSA.

    Paying maintenance for children belongs in the courts with professional qualified people, who could use mediation as a way of sorting maintenance issues out. Failing this, the matter could be assessed by a Judge, who has the benefit of disclosure of financial circumstances of BOTH parents.

    In their attempts to criminalise and bully me, the CSA have cost two of my children their inheritance, and I have informed them why (as the are old enough to understand), they will not receive one penny from me. I advised them to speak with their mother and the CSA.

    Sad, I know, but it is the only way to be heard loud and clear, that this sytem cannot continue!

  • Gonk says:

    This is so f*****ing typical and classic example of this dog shit outfit called the csa
    It has no care in the world about the NRP ( usually the father) about his depts and bills and outgoings and of cause his new family..they don’t matter so long as you pay for the deadbeat lazyarse ex on benefits and having all her rent,council tax etc all paid for by the tax payer which in turn means the treasury don’t have to pay out because they are getting it back from you.
    You see this is just a stealth tax as I have always maintained..it does not give a shit about the welfare of the kids because if it did in your case ? It would realise that you need to keep a roof over their heads and put food in their bellies.
    One day someone,some group who have had all they can take of this outfits abuse will do something drastic and put an end to this bottom dwelling pond life called the csa

  • Smithy says:

    I think you’ve missed the idea behind the CSA, it’s not explicitly stated as it would be considered obscene state interference but by the way it’s set up you’re absolutely not meant to have another family.

  • Karen says:

    Someone has to do something about this agency. Its got to take the crown for being the worst ran government department ever. It has ruined so many peoples lives, and second families – as opposed to helping chidren out of poverty or simply just providing for them.
    I think the government has under pressure, wanted to be seen to do something about the fathers that wriggle out of paying, but have way, way, gone overboard, and now if your a NRP, you are indeed tarred with the same brush as the nonpayers, and get the hard stance of absolutely no give and take, nothing taken into account at all. To make a CSA maintenance payment priority over NRP’s LIVING expenses, especially rent and food, is surely criminal as you cannot survive without them. What happens when all these NRP are out on the street and lose their jobs? Whose going to be footing the bill in benefits. Hell, lets all go on benefits and be done with this agency, then we will see where this leaves CSA. It really comes to something when going on the dole is the solution to your problems, tsk.

  • wilf says:

    Lee:- Are you getting the full allowance for the 5 children in your household from the CSA?
    This should be shown in the assessment letter saying how much the maintenance contribution is.

  • Alice says:

    is your assessment £340 per month or does that include an amount for arrears? If your wages slips show that you are paid for overtime regularly it will be counted as income for the purpose of your maintenance. You will be awarded a 25% allowance for the children in your household. Your assessment is based on your income not your outgoings. If you have other debts then you can seek money advice from your local CAB office

  • kate says:

    hi im married to my partner who earns 800 a month lowsey really and csa takes 315 every month for 3 children there mother is on bennifits does not pay no rent coucil tax no school dinners ect so she is 315 on top of her stste bennifits great
    we get 800 pound minus 315 pay full rent full council and plus we have 2 children too csa is a fukin joke people who are on bennifits and want csa of working farthers are a discrase low life scum sit on there arses all day with 7 kids by 4 diffrent men and claimimg bennifits n csa of there kids dads people on bennifits cause them better off us who work get treated like scum

  • sherie says:

    You complain your husband pays £315 for the children from a previous relationship without stating that he obviously hasnt paid for those children for probably years! The CSA are taking 40% of his wages to pay off the arrears which they only do in the most dire of circumstances.

    My ex partner owes me thousands and still manages to only get stung each year for about £400 lousy quid! I have been fighting this battle now for 9 years and I’m not a dole dosser. Is that fair? Why should my child go without because he won’t provide for the child we both made.

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