I want to pay for my kids, but I cannot pay that much!

September 6, 2011

I have 2 children aged 3 and 2 that mean the world to me. Unfortunately my marriage came to an end last year and we split up and divorced. Being honest it was both of us.

We both earn the same money, 36k per year so i thought we would be ok. I moved out of our home and moved to my parents so that my children would be settled and agreed that when the house sold she could have all the money and property in the house. I paid £300 per month as an agreed payment for the children and the mortgage and bills whilst we were waiting for the house to sell. As soon as the house sold and the money went in her account she accused me of assault and went to the CSA. I got a solicitors letter stating I couldnt see my children without being supervised and that I could only have them collected by a family member. The CSA are taking 465 per month!.

After rent food fuel and bills have gone out Im left with nothing. Literally nothing, £50 per month which if food goes up or any of the other bills im overdrawn before i even start. Because of how much I earn im not eligible for legal aid and cant afford to fight a custody battle. I tried to speak to the csa yesterday about reducing the payments but they were having none of it. The woman said cut some of your other bills. Im already walking to work 10 miles each way and mainly living off eggs, there isnt any other bills to cut.

I want to see my children but there mum wont let me so she gets the maximum money. I also want to pay for my childrens upkeep but think that 465 per month is ridiculous.

Who on earth has thought that is acceptable ammount of money for someone to pay?


  • Karl Garrett says:

    try paying £730 a month..same situation as you sir. it sucks. there is no point in working, especially as the kids don’t even get the money!!. I’m one step away from living in a Caravan. Wish I never had kids, they are being used as a big weapon to extract money by a GREEDY woman. I know it’s not their fault, and they are good…but why do we have them??. clock is ticking to me giving up work, as there is no point anymore.

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